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Full of light and fresh air, a coastal home has a calming feel like no other. Having a beautiful home on the coast, however, doesn’t mean you have to pack it full of seashells and blue wallpaper. A minimalist approach to coastal design is more likely to leave you with that seaside feeling than any amount of beach paraphernalia.

Withstanding the elements

First things first: Because they’re so close to salty water and other elements, coastal homes need extra attention when designing to ensure that they’re protected. Be mindful when choosing the materials your house will primarily be built with. Unfinished timber is highly susceptible to corrosion so it isn’t ideal for seaside properties. If you have your heart set on timber, ensure that you protect it by applying a polyurethane finish. Also take time to consider your exterior paint choice as some are more resistant to damage caused by the salty air than others. Aim for an exterior paint that’s hardy and has a high gloss or sheen to it, or opt for cladding that has the same coastal look and feel of weatherboard but will stand the test of time.

The coast is clear

The interior of a coastal home should be spacious and full of lots of natural light and air. You want to emulate that outdoor, beachy vibe as much as you can whilst being indoors. Primarily this is achieved through an open floorplan. With fewer walls and jarring corners, there’s more room for natural sunlight to filter through. The bright and open space can be complemented with big windows to allow the sunlight to enter and skylights to ensure every inch of the space is light and bright no matter the season. The intention is for it to feel like there’s no barrier between the indoors and outdoors.

Natural not nautical

When styling a coastal home, it can be incredibly easy to end up cliche and kitsch with the furnishings, artworks and decorations. Less is absolutely more in this scenario and going all-out with royal blue walls accented with anchors and seashells is not going to achieve the look and feel you’re after.

Opt for crisp whites and soft earthy tones when choosing your colour palette. This will allow for a fresh, relaxed atmosphere. Complement with touches of blue or seafoam green for a subtle ode to the ocean.

When it comes to decorations and accents, remember that a coastal home is designed to be open and spacious so you want to avoid clutter. A simple glass vase or potted plant is a lovely accent for a mantle and an earth-toned wicker basket to hold your nick-nacks is perfect.

As you furnish your coastal home you always want to remember that you don’t want anything bulky that’s going to interrupt the open flow of space. A low coffee table and comfy sofa that encourages relaxing are perfect. Wicker and rattan furniture meld into a coastal home like honey in tea – but again don’t overdo it. Place wicker seating around a dining table, accented with a linen tablecloth and you’re onto a winner.

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