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Making the Most of Working From Home


With many of us having transitioned from office life to working from home in recent weeks, it can be challenging to feel as though you’re able to focus and work successfully when you’re in a different environment to your normal workplace. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your work from home set up and get a solid day’s work done with ease!

Attitude is Everything!

Getting into the right mindset as soon as you wake up is key to having a productive day. It’s still a normal workday, so waking at your normal time and getting ready as you usually do will help set the tone of the day from the get go. While it’s tempting to stay in pjs all day, you should shower, get dressed and eat breakfast as you normally would before starting the short commute to your work area. This will help wake you up properly and get your brain into gear and feel ready to start work. Throughout the day, take breaks as you normally would, particularly your lunch break. Having a half hour break to eat, step away from your laptop and take a short walk will help energise you to get through the second half of the day.

Your Workspace

While the couch looks like an inviting place to spend the workday, it can actually be quite unproductive for some people. You might like to consider setting up a semi-permanent workstation at your dining table, or if your home has a study nook or private study, try to emulate your office desk there so it feels more professional, permanent and familiar. An office chair will also help you stay comfortable and adhere to any OH& S recommendations on seated posture in the home. Working somewhere with natural light and even a window that can be opened to let the fresh air in will keep your mood levels high and help you feel productive throughout the day. Keep your desk tidy and organised wherever possible to assist you with feeling on top of things, particularly when you sign off at the end of the day – a chaotic work area will induce stress every time you look at it when you’re not working.

Staying Focused

While more families are at home together, it can be challenging to stay focused throughout the work day, particularly if you’re working in a communal family area. If you’re set up at the dining table with family members around you, a pair of good noise cancelling headphones will block out noise and allow you to focus on your work, regardless of whether you use them to play music or not! Having a work station in a study nook or private study will allow for a more focused work day, simply by being slightly removed from the rest of the house. Soft, ambient music will help keep the household sounds out of your space, and keep your brain feeling awake and productive. It’s a good idea to keep your online and social media browsing limited to break times as you would at the office to continue working at the same pace you normally do to avoid distraction.

While working from home can take some getting used to initially, if you stick to your regular work day schedule and best practices at home, you’ll benefit from having a productive day. By implementing a few or all of these tips, you’re sure to feel accomplished at the end of each day, making spending time with you family in the evenings that much more rewarding! For more tips and tricks, including how to design the perfect study, head over to the Hotondo Homes website today.

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