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Winter time inevitably keeps us indoors a lot more, and it can be easy to get comfortable and let the tidiness of your home slide a little as you get comfy on the couch, or the kids drag out every toy they own to keep themselves entertained on rainy days. Becoming idle with regular tidying up is bound to happen, but if you create spaces for your belongings and get into the habit of putting things away each day, your house doesn’t have to feel cluttered with stuff while everyone is indoors!


The number one place clutter gathers is the kitchen bench. Usually the bigger the bench, the more clutter there is!

    – Allocate a place for mail and assorted paperwork to be stored until it’s paid and can be disposed of. Adding a hanging mail holder to a wall inside the pantry or tucked away on the side of a cupboard will help keep important papers together and neatly organised.
    – Try to avoid dumping things like handbags, coats and school items on the kitchen bench or dining table.
    – Create a space in your entryway, or at your back entrance where bags, coats, and school items can be put away as soon as you walk in the door. Your kitchen bench will remain clear and you’ll be able to find things easily when you’re leaving the house.

Living Area

The colder months mean more blankets to get cosy under, maybe a few extra pillows, and more books and magazines on coffee tables to keep us entertained while we’re inside. To keep your living space looking comfortable and inviting instead of crowded and messy, there are a few clever ways to hide the clutter.

    – Invest in a few large storage baskets for the side of the couch to put blankets and cushions in when they’re not being used.
    – Try to drape quilts and throw rugs over armchairs and couches to make them look styled rather than hastily folded up when guests pop in.
    – Adding a large tray to your coffee table or side tables and neatly stacking books and magazines on them gives your living space an element of thoughtful style. It will also help keep surfaces clear when they’re not in use.
    – Alternatively, buying a coffee table that has drawers in it will add a storage area to the room without adding additional large items of furniture.


Cold nights call for additional bedding to keep us warm, and this can lead to an excess of blankets piled on beds during the day.

    – Think about investing in a long ottoman that doubles as a storage box at the end of each bed. You can fold up extra blankets and quilts to pop in there and keep them out of sight during the day.
    – Buying a large clothes hamper that can house washing will cut down on the clothing clutter that might be dropped on the floor, left on an armchair or the end of the bed. The hamper can be placed in a walk-in wardrobe, or behind the bedroom door so it’s out of sight, but still easily accessible.
    – Adding a few small bowls or decorative trays to the tops of your dresser drawers will give you a place to drop your everyday accessories like watches, jewellery, and wallets. This will stop you from dumping these items on your bedside table, or in common areas at the end of the day, keeping things neat and tidy (and less prone to being misplaced!).

Toys and Kids’ Items

Toys seem to take over the house during Winter, and it’s easy to forget to ask the kids to pack up at the end of each day.

    – Adding some inexpensive storage cubes to common areas and kids’ rooms will give them a place to store their toys and books. It will also instil the good habit of putting things back in their places from an early age!
    – Placing a few toy chests or baskets at the ends of their beds or in the living area and rumpus room will also ensure they have a place to pack up at the end of each day, leaving your floors clear of clutter.
    – Install hooks on the backs of doors or on bedroom walls for school and sports bags and encourage kids to pop their bags away as soon as they arrive home. This will leave entry ways clear of tripping hazards.

Keeping your home clutter-free during Winter will be easy if you get in the habit of popping things back where they belong each day. Adding functional but stylish items like baskets, shelves, and decorative trays and bowls will help you and your family identify and allocate places for the extra items that seem to accumulate during the cold months. By incorporating these tips into your home, you’ll ensure your home is neat and tidy while still being warm and inviting!

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