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Walk-in wardrobe

These days, new home designs will often feature a walk-in wardrobe in the master suite. This benefit of additional space and storage is a luxury, especially for those of us who love fashion and have a wealth of clothing, shoes, and accessories to store! Considering how to design and maximise full use of the area can be difficult to envisage before you’re actually in your home. We have some tips to help you design the perfect wardrobe space to keep things neat, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing – after all, it is a room in your house, so why shouldn’t it look beautifully styled!

Hanging space

Walk-in wardrobe
Do you prefer to hang all your clothes (ahem, to minimise on ironing)? If so, ensuring you have ample hanging space from the beginning means your clothing will be able to remain wrinkle-free and easily accessible. Longer vertical hanging spaces are perfect for coats, suit bags, dresses, formal wear, and bathrobes. It lessens the bulk in drawers and helps keep the clothing in tip-top shape. Having a combination of long and shorter hanging areas also doubles the amount of hanging space – two hanging rails in one space one on top of the other allows for twice the amount of business shirts, tops, and skirts to be hung in one section, leaving the longer spaces for more appropriate clothing. Having ample hanging space also makes your clothing visible to the eye, so there’s less time rummaging around in drawers to find that one special garment when you’re pressed for time!


Walk-In wardrobe
You can never have too many drawers, right? Consider a mix of smaller drawers for undergarments and socks, and leave wider drawers for bulky items like pyjamas, Winter clothing, and jeans. A lot of walk-in wardrobes also now feature slimline drawers to allow for flat lay items. Things like ties, scarves, and jewellery all suit drawers that are vertically narrow allowing people to pull out the drawer and instantly see all their accessories at a glance. Lining these drawers with drawer liners or a soft fabric will also ensure your accessories are kept in immaculate condition, particularly if you have items made from silk and linen to store.

Open Shelving

Walk-in wardrobe
Open shelving can be a great way to store shoes, boots, hats and other items that can’t be hung or stored in drawers. Using wire and cane baskets or storage boxes in your walk-in wardrobe helps partially conceal the items so the shelves don’t look too cluttered and messy, and adds a stylish touch to an otherwise utilitarian space. Smaller open shelves can be used to store cosmetic items as well – perfumes, make up and other luxury items can be styled on a decorative tray to look appealing to the eye and help protect the surface of the shelf from any stains when the items are used.

Final touches – flooring, mirrors and lighting

Walk-In wardrobe
If your walk-in wardrobe has cupboards, consider installing a floor length mirror on the front of the doors. It’s always good to have at least one large mirror in the house for those final outfit checks! Whether you have carpet or floorboards in your wardrobe, adding a small floor rug will dress up the area as well as protecting the floors – it’s a high traffic area, so keeping the floors in good condition will keep things looking fresh and clean. Walk-in wardrobes often don’t have a lot of natural light, so considering adding power points to add for additional lighting. Soft floor lamps to complement the overhead lighting will allow you to better see your clothing on the shelves and in the mirror.

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