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Spring Style Aesthetic


Sunshine, warmer days, and longer nights always evoke feelings of fun, happiness, and excitement as we shake off the doom and gloom of the winter months! There’s no better way to embrace spring than to add touches of springtime style throughout your home to brighten up your interior spaces and create a feeling of vibrancy and warmth in every room. We’ve got a quick list of ways you can easily bring that springtime feel inside to brighten up the atmosphere in your home!

A Touch of Greenery

Take inspiration from the blooming buds of spring by adding touches of greenery wherever you can. A floating shelf dedicated to beautiful, overflowing plants that drape themselves over each other and hang down will instantly add colour and texture to a blank wall. Alternatively, you can purchase a large planter pot and add a tall indoor plant or tree to the corner of a few different rooms, bringing life to each space. If you want to add some lush foliage to one of your rooms year-round, add wallpaper with a leafy design to create an eye-catching statement!

Pops of Colour

Not too keen on touches of green? Try pops of colour! Accent cushions, a jewel-toned armchair in a rich plum or teal, or even a brightly coloured couch will instantly brighten up your interiors. Add a large piece of artwork with bright abstract hues to a white wall for a shot of colour in an otherwise neutral space. A statement piece of furniture in a bright colour will make the room seem instantly brighter and warmer, so look for lush pink velvets, indigo blues, or pastel colours when you’re furniture shopping. You could also reupholster an existing chair or couch with a bright pattern to inject some colour into your living area.

Textures and Embellishments

Every season’s style dictates that texture is key to creating a style aesthetic, and spring is no different. Add in light throw blankets made from cotton, linen, and bamboo to create texture and depth to beds and couches. Look for cushions in velvets and other soft fabrics, as well as ones that are adorned with pom-poms, tassels or ruching for that extra layer of texture. Add wall hangings made from macramé to evoke that boho, summery feel, and find accessories with touches of gold that will glisten when the sun touches them to enhance that feeling of warmth inside.

Embrace Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you have an alfresco area that’s been neglected during winter, now’s the time to brighten it up for spring! Buy brightly coloured cushions for your seating area to make the space pop, and look for an outdoor rug with a colourful geometric pattern on it. Update your outdoor servingware to include happy, sunny colours – you could even embrace a tropical theme for your table with a few fun accessories like salad bowls, water jugs, and platters. The key is to create a space that feels relaxed and fun as the warm weather approaches.

By incorporating some pops of colour, touches of greenery, and some beautiful textures inside your home, you’ll be able to create a springtime style aesthetic that truly evokes a feeling of warmth when your rooms are bathed in sunshine. For more home inspiration and interior design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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