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When winter arrives, the change from mild temperatures to crisp cold air can be jarring, both outside and inside the home. There are lots of clever ways you can make sure your new home stays cosy and warm during the colder months, and we’ve some great tips to help you stay toasty and warm throughout winter!

Double Glazing

When you’re chatting to your builder about the features in your new home, make sure to include double glazed windows for additional protection against sound and weather. Double glazed glass is an insulated glass that combines multiple glass panes into a single window system. This type of glass is becoming a common feature in new homes as energy costs increase for homeowners. Double glazing will reduce the need to use your heating system as frequently, keeping your home warm and reducing your gas or power costs, and contributing to the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Curtains vs. Blinds

While sleek, minimalist blinds on your windows look effortlessly chic and unfussy, opting for traditional curtains will keep more warmth in your home. Because curtains are hung on top of the window frame and end below it, as well as starting outside the frame on either side, there’s less chance of heat escaping, particularly when they’re closed at night. You can also select curtains with a thermal weave, which keeps rooms dark as well as protecting your space from the cold winter air. With drapery fabrics ranging in a variety of patterns and colours, it’s never been easier to choose curtains that are modern and coordinate with your overall colour palette, while still helping keep the heat inside your home.

Fireplaces and Gas Log Heaters

Make sure your new home design includes a fireplace or gas log heater in the open-plan living area and in the sitting room as a focal point and to add some instant winter style that’s guaranteed to keep your whole family toasty and warm. You’ll be able to heat up the entire space solely from this one source, reducing the need to heat the whole house, and it provides a beautiful setting for entertaining guests. One added bonus of a fireplace or gas log heater is that it encourages the family to spend time together in one space, making for memorable, cosy evenings and weekends spent relaxing together. Depending on your new home’s floorplan, you may be able to install a double-sided fireplace so that you can heat two living areas simultaneously, which is perfect for entertaining bigger groups of family and friends, as well as serving as a unique design feature.

Accessorise for Warmth

When the cold months approach, add lots of plush, thick throw rugs and blankets around the house. Casually placing them at the end of beds and couches ensures your family will always have a cosy wrap to envelope themselves in during winter. Pair the blankets with some velvet textured pillows in rich colours and you’ll have a luxe look in every room that doubles as a sumptuously snug place to stay warm. In the bedrooms add faux fur rugs for that extra layer of warmth, which is particularly helpful if you have little ones who frequently play on the floor during the day. Scatter some candles, real or battery operated, to create a beautiful warm glow on different surfaces in communal living areas and your home will exude warmth.

With so much time spent indoors during winter, it’s the perfect time to switch up your existing décor to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. If you’ve just chosen a home design to build, sit down with your builder to ensure your new home will incorporate energy efficient sources of heating, as well as features that will prevent the cold from coming in and you’ll love wintery days spent inside with your family for years to come. For more building tips and interior design advice, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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