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With the holiday season quickly approaching, this means a house full of guests. There are many ways you can make your family and friends feel more welcome as they enter your home: have drinks ready when they arrive, give a warm and heartfelt hello as you open the door, and make an entrance in your new home to truly wow them. 

At Hotondo Homes, our team of experts are here to suggest simple ways to enhance your entryway for your guests. After all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Read on for our tips on how to create a warm and welcoming entranceway.


On the outside


Choose your front door wisely

The first thing your guests will see as they walk up the pathway to your home is your front door. The right one will make a statement, and will also enhance kerb appeal for your home’s facade. Our recommendations? Choose something that suits the overall facade of your home – if your home is Hamptons style, a beautiful door in a pale pink or blue will add some colour. A modern design might benefit from a statement timber door with glass panels. Stained finishes look wonderful too, but keep your external colour scheme in mind. Don’t forget to choose a door handle that suits the design – a brushed brass or matte black finish will add a pop of texture.


Frame your entrance

It goes without saying but sweeping your front pathway and freeing it from dirt, dust and fallen leaves is a simple way to make a good first impression. A doormat is also a functional and stylish idea – not only to keep the inside of your home clean and beautiful, but to add a decorative touch. You might also like to invest in some beautiful pots to put small or medium-sized plants in on either side of the doorway, further framing the entrance and making it look inviting to guests.


On the inside


Add a painting or mirror

Treat the space as its own room and set a welcoming tone with accessories like a piece of statement artwork or mirror. A beautiful decorative piece above a hallway table is a great way to create depth without obstructing the flow of traffic. A mirror has a unique way of reflecting natural light that shines through from the front door while also manipulating the illusion of more space.


Let there be light

Light can really make a world of difference to your space. Where space is limited, a feature pendant light adds a touch of contemporary elegance. You can even incorporate LED directional light fittings to highlight artwork in the hallway or you could incorporate floor lighting to illuminate the space with a soft glow at night.


Create a feature wall

You don’t need to go OTT with your feature wall but some suggestions include adding wallpaper, decorative panelling, feature tiles, or stonework. You can even make a “feature ceiling” with contrasting colour to the floor and create a dramatic entrance that compels people to look up and around at your space.


Light a scented candle

Don’t underestimate the power of fragrance. Before your guests arrive, light a candle with a subtle scent: one that’s not too overpowering. You can never go wrong with a fruity or citrus candle, but a woody scent can go a long way too.

Find a local builder at Hotondo Homes

Of course, one of the easiest ways to make a statement entrance in your home is to start off with the perfect floor plan. If you’re ready to build the home you’ve always wanted, then we’re ready for you. With over 90 new home designs on offer, there’s sure to be something for you. 

Want to make an appointment? Head to our website to find your local builder today. Just contact us to learn about the Hotondo Homes building process. You can also find a builder that’s local to you by visiting our Hotondo Homes website.

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