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Make your garden a destination

With the sunshine and warmth that our climate affords, why wouldn’t you want to relax and entertain outdoors?
Draw people outside with some of our landscaping and design ideas to help make your garden a destination.
Ravenswood - Alfresco

The stunning Alfresco of the Ravenswood display in Mickleham.

Use Pavers

There are number of benefits to using pavers to create a space conducive to relaxation and entertaining.  The versatility of using pavers can fit in with lots of different design ideas, patterns, colours and textures depending on your taste.  Using bricks, limestone, cobblestone, granite or slate, are not only highly durable but the decorative pattern and colour potential is endless.

Time poor? Low maintenance is best

Lawn requires constant mowing and fertilising to keep it looking lush and healthy.  Pavers can be a much better option for the time deprived.

The great news is that for those less gifted with the green thumb, there are plants that thrive on neglect and that will survive in a range of soil and weather conditions.

Horticulturist and TV presenter, Jody Rigby says that planning a low maintenance garden requires a bit of planning to decipher the consistency of soil and their position in relation to the sun.

“Some of the most attractive plants are the toughest species that don’t require much care for maximum visual impact,” says Jody.

Make your garden a place of serenity

Adding some decorative elements to your home can have a marked difference on the atmosphere it makes.  Enhance your garden with elements that make it a destination.  Add a pergola or arbor to frame a space, place a garden daybed or breakfast setting in a sunny spot.  This will make an inviting destination for you to enjoy your breakfast or simply relax with a good book.

Use colour, enjoy design

Use colour to add some interest to your garden retreat.  Simply adding a colour as a back drop to foliage and or applying a coat of paint to old furniture can give your outdoor space a new lease on life.


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