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Spare room

Whether you’re a new homeowner, you’ve upgraded your current family home, or a few children have recently flown the nest, you’ve most likely questioned how you can use your home’s new added space to your floor plan advantage.

We all love multifunctioning features, and while this may seem like the best option for your spare room, it isn’t always the best way to enjoy a newly available space in your home. Most spare rooms are usually the smallest rooms in your floor plan and often become the dumping ground for odds and ends. Instead of using this extra room for a mixture of purposes, designing your spare room with a single, intended purpose will help enhance the efficiency of your space and make your house more of a home. We’ve got five unique and effective ways to use your spare room that will help add to your home in a way that’s tailored to your lifestyle.

Study/Home Office

With an influx of hybrid workspaces, home offices have become a must-have for a large majority of homeowners. There’s nothing worse than having to work from home in your busy kitchen or getting up at the end of the day feeling sore after working at your island bench. A home office provides a quiet space for you to go about your busy workday and a place to store all your work gear like computers, monitors, printers, files and other elements that would otherwise take over your house. A home office also provides a great space to create a calm and quiet area perfect for children who need to study or as a tranquil reading space.

Wellbeing Space

A wellbeing space is a perfect transformation for your spare room if you want to focus on self-care and create a space to unwind and relieve stress. Adding a wellness space to your home’s floor plan will help you associate a particular area with your wellness activity to help turn it into a daily habit. This could translate into a calm and quiet space for daily meditation and yoga or a small home gym that suits your abilities. If spending your nights working on your mind and body is crucial to you, then adding a wellbeing space in your home is a great way to maximise your extra room.

Home Cinema

If you love to spend your weekends catching up on the latest shows, or you and your family want a more intimate space for movie nights, you should transform your extra room into a home cinema. Using this added space within your floor plan will create another entertainment space for friends and family and become a great space to spend some quality time enjoying the latest films. Adding a home theatre doesn’t necessarily mean overspending on a big projector and reclining cinema chairs. Instead, your home theatre can be as simple as a big tv, quality speakers, and a large comfortable couch that offers the perfect place to snuggle up with some popcorn to enjoy the newest season of your favourite show.

Dressing Room

For those who don’t have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe in their home or have run out of space for their extensive fashion collection, turning a spare room into a dressing room is the perfect solution. A dressing room is a luxurious addition to any home. It can be used as a larger room to store all your clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup whilst also offering a glamorous space to get ready with everything within arm’s reach. This means you’ll have more storage space in your bathroom and bedroom, along with an added sense of luxury in your everyday routine.

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