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Over time we’re all guilty of holding onto possessions that are no longer useful to keep or we hoard things we think will be useful later down the track. When moving into your dream home it’s the perfect time to take back that control and clean out your cupboards. We all know how hard it can be to get rid of possessions, especially with beautiful memories behind them. So, we’ve created some tips on how to downsize storage when moving into your dream home…

Decide on a Time-frame

It’s very easy to get caught up in other tasks, especially if you have children or a busy work-life schedule. Decide on a time-frame and stick to it.

Prepare a Plan

What will you need in order to sort out your possessions? Make sure you have boxes, garbage bags or whatever you plan to put your belongings in. Depending on the size of what you’re deciding to get rid of, have a bin or skip available. A great idea is to find the nearest charity bin, or local charity shop where you can drop off the belongings you don’t want anymore.

It’s important to check with your local council when the rubbish collection for larger items will take place. With this information, you can decide on the best time to do your seasonal clean out.


Sort Everything Out

Piles. Create piles for everything. What do you plan on keeping? What do you intend to throw out? What can you sell? What will go to charity? These are the four main piles to decide on when downsizing your storage. Perhaps you might have a sibling or family member who could use something you intend to throw, so it’s always a nice idea to ask.

If you find yourself struggling to decide what to do with a belonging, leave it for the moment and move on to the next one. As you get through more of your belongings and have most of them sorted it will be easier to make those hard decisions!

Take a Break

Remember this could be a lengthy task, it’s best to take a few breaks throughout the day. This will help you stick to the task rather than turn it into one long chore.


Don’t Dwell

You don’t want to find yourself distracted by belongings you haven’t seen in a while. This is especially true for photo albums or memorabilia. If you find yourself looking back on memories from clothing you wore, chances are you won’t wear it again so put them in the pile to go or give it away. It’s normal to find things you haven’t seen in years, but be realistic with what is worth keeping and what isn’t… or else you’ll be back at square one with a full cupboard!

Think Positive

Remember why you were downsizing in the first place. When moving into a new home you want plenty of space for the new memories you will create. It can be easy to give up or put it off for another time, but, there is no time like today! Getting it done will be a huge relief and you will feel great about it. Think about how good it will look to have space and not be trying to find a nook or cranny to fit things in.

Remember, only you can decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. If you truly believe that everything you have stored is special you will need to make some extra space. The great thing is, when building your dream home with Hotondo Homes you can add extra space where you want it. With over 90 flexible floor plans, our builders can tailor any design to your needs, making sure you have all the space you need.


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