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Home decor is one of the most enjoyable parts of building or renovating a home. As fun as creative freedom may be, some rookie mistakes seem to arise that may make you want to cringe when looking back. We’ve highlighted some of the ‘decorating fails’ and provided our tips to help prevent you from regretting your decorating decisions…

Forgetting to test your colour before painting

When you see a colour you like you instantly want to try it out. However, sometimes people go straight to the wall and begin painting before testing it out to see how the colour looks. Colours can look completely different when painted compared to how they look on the colour card. By painting some swatches on your wall, you can see how they look under different light at different times of the day. It may postpone your painting by a week but it will be worth it in the long run.

Decorating straight away

Trying to start your decorating straight away can be a big mistake. Even though it’s an exciting process, there is still much to consider and take into account. When you move into your home and get a feel for the layout you may decide that certain rooms should be swapped based on their purpose. Perhaps you want the study room closer to the kid’s rooms or have a guest room instead. This is where pre-decorating can be an issue because you’ve already spent your budget on the decor before you’ve moved in. Make sure you’re completely sure before rushing into things –  great designs take time.

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Coloured furniture

Instead of investing in those bad coloured couches, aim for neutral toned furniture for longevity. You can always add some coloured accent pillow and blankets to brighten it up and add some character for a fraction of the price. This way when trends change you can easily update your furniture look.

Heavy curtains

Instead of having big, thick curtains try considering neutral coloured blinds. This way you can still block out the light but it will be less heavy on the colour scheme. Unless the curtains are a main feature in the room and made with stylish fabrics and patterns.


Beware of over-decorating! Place as many items as you can into storage. Nobody likes a messy home, especially when you have small children leaving toys everywhere. It’s best to store items you don’t use regularly away to avoid clutter.

Style mixing

When it comes to decor it’s normal to add a few pieces to decorate your room and add a burst of colour. However, mixing multiple styles together in one room can be overbearing and uncoordinated. Select pieces that have similar colour tones or common elements. For example choosing a blue sofa and mixing some blue toned sofa cushions can look stylish and modern.

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Furniture and dimensions

While moving into your new home is an exciting moment, don’t forget to check the dimensions of your rooms! Furniture you had in your previous home may not fit into your new home and it’s important you check measurements to see what you will be able to fit. The couch is the most complicated piece of furniture to fit into a room. Remember, just because it ‘fits’ doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

Everyone’s tastes are different and what might appeal to you may not to another. It’s about finding a good decor mix that suits you and your family. After all you want a house to feel like a home, so be sure you love all that you’ve created.

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