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With so many different products on offer due to the globalisation of the consumer marketplace, many people get confused when it comes to choosing the décor options and style for their new home.

The infinite array of products, finishes, colours, decorative elements and the varying prices available are the main reasons for this.

The sky is the limit when it comes to interior décor and it’s therefore vital to choose a style and theme that compliments and captures the personalities of the home owners.

There are a number of themes that many people will gravitate to when decorating and styling their home.

Modern industrial

Modern industrial décor combines simplicity and authenticity. Think heavy features with eclectic elements, large graphic patterns mixed with recycled wood and neutral finishes with splashes of bold colour. Modern industrial décor has character and charm to it. It also represents a modern take on old trends.

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room 3


Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, coastal themed interior décor should reflect the beauty and luxury of living by the sea. It should have a relaxed ease about it and feel open and airy. Think white finishes with touches of light coloured wood and sea-themed accents.



White on white

White décor has been a popular trend for some time. It’s a harmonious and pleasant shade to use in the home because it represents luxury but also has a relaxed vibe about it. White décor provides a good base for the home to then implement splashes of colour with things like cushions and wall hangings.


room 5

Rustic & country elegance

Rustic and country style décor has a warmth and family feel to it. It screams comfort. Think patterned curtains, folk art with textured rugs and shades of brown and beige. This theme works well for families with children as it can be low maintenance.

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