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coastal inspired beach home

For a relaxed ease and open feel, consider a coastal inspired beach home.

Soothing and natural, it offers a peaceful and tranquil environment to live in.

A practical coastal interior is all about using smaller, beach-related items, without going overboard. Exposed wood, warm white colours, light coloured wooden flooring and bright yellows and blues will all create a contemporary design that looks and feels as though you are living in the beauty and luxury of the sea. We have shared some of our favourite beach homes, to help show you how to create the perfect interior.

coastal inspired beach homes

Bright, white furniture and white finishes with touches of light coloured wood looks fresh and clean. Add a few plants or painting with light green like in this home, and you will feel as though you are walking right along the beach side!


beach inspired

Take inspiration from the sandy shores of a beach and choose flooring or bench tops that reflect this. The light blues and yellow accents are scattered throughout the space, so they do not become overbearing and are not the focal point of the room.


coastal inspired beach home

For something a little bolder, start with a white room and build up a a royal blue colour through the couches and fixtures. We love the white shutters and the coffee table that help keep the rest of the room looking neutral, while the striped cushions are reminiscent of the ocean.


coastal inspired beach home

The rustic table really gives off a coastal vibe, with the exposed wood working well with the rest of the light coloured home.


Coastal inspired beach home

As with the living area, light coloured wood and bright whites will give your bathroom that beachy look and feel. Combined with the sand-texture tiles and hidden shower, you will never want to leave the tranquility of your bathroom!


coastal inspired beach home

An all-white bathroom looks great in a coastal inspired home too. Keep it clean, neat and add a few flowers to freshen it up.


Coastal inspired beach home

Layer warm whites through your bedroom for a softer look.


For more beach inspired homes, check out our Facebook page here, or view our favourite “Seaspray ” home here.

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