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How to choose the right couch

Seek out the right couch for you with these tips.

With so many styles available these days, it is essential to decide what aspects are important to you in a couch before you even step out the door. The couch is the focal point of your living room, so make sure you invest in one that will suit your lifestyle and that you truly love.

Consider the sizing of your room in relation to the couch. Always, I repeat always, measure the amount of space you have for your couch. If you are unsure how much space you want to dedicate, try cutting up paper in the to the size of a couch and laying it in the room to check if there is enough space around each side. Consider what your minimum width will be to provide maximum comfort, and if you like to take afternoon naps make sure you purchase one where the length is long enough to accommodate you. Most importantly, make sure the couch you purchase will fit through your door!


The shape and orientation of your couch can have a huge effect on the perceived size of your room. How do you plan to use your living space? If you love to relax in front of the TV, make sure your couches face that direction. If you are more inclined to entertain, arranging your seating in a circular manner maximises the interaction you can have with your guests.

Once you have decided how you want the layout to look, you need to choose a shape that will best suit your room and lifestyle. An L-shaped couch or a couch with a chaise is especially great for open-plan living areas as it helps provide a boundary between your lounge and the rest of the space.  Also consider how many people will regularly use the space – will you need a 2-seater, 3-seater or both? If your room is a little smaller, consider some comfy chairs instead of a second couch, like the one below:


Research the pros and cons of each upholstery material, as applicable to you. Leather couches are more durable, easier to clean and generally last longer, but they are more expensive. Fabric couches can be more comfortable, come in a much larger range of colours and are generally cheaper, but cleaning them – especially if you have pets – is much more laborious. There is also microfiber couches (suede) that offer a balance between the two. Think carefully about which couch is going to make life more comfortable in your home. After all, the most important part of your decision should lie with the functionality. Do you have children or pets? Do you eat or drink on the couch? Will you take the time to properly care for a leather couch?

Choose a colour that complements or sets the tone for your home. Bright, patterned or a neutral colour – the choice can be hard. Smaller rooms you want to appear larger benefit from a lighter coloured couch. Choose one with legs to create the illusion of space, and avoid ones that are too boxy. Darker couches are traditional and classy, and will go with just about any theme you choose for your home.

Choosing a bright colour can be risky, but if it complements the rest of the home and you want it to be the centre of attention, go for it! Try a navy blue couch like the one below and add some colourful cushions for a look that stands out! For a guide to complementary colours read our blog on choosing colours for your home.

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