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Brighten dark rooms

Learn how to brighten dark interiors of your home with these simple tips.

Interior design featuring dark colours looks classy and elegant. Using a base colour like brown, black or grey will add an instant modern touch to your home and can help create a unique and contemporary space.

However, if this kind of colour scheme is not done correctly, it can make a room look small and dingy. The best and easiest way to avoid this is to increase the amount of light the room receives. There are a number of ways you can do this and we have listed some of the best.


Smooth, shiny surfaces reflect light best, so utilising mirrors in a dark room is one of the simplest ways to increase your light source. The bigger your mirror is, the more light you can capture. Try hanging a mirror at the end of a hallway to make it look longer, or place two of the same mirrors opposite one another to create an infinite set of reflections that gives the illusion of space.

This mirror trick is a great one; if you have a small window on a corner, place a mirror on the adjacent wall as close to the window as possible. The mirror will reflect the window and give the illusion you have single, larger window!

The more mirrors or windows you have in your home the better. Notice how the bright light from these windows helps break up the darkness of this room:

Brighten dark interiors

It is not just mirrors that will attract light in a room. Shiny surfaces like door knobs, photo frames, benchtops, lamp shades, chandeliers or décor that have a shiny finish will all help add a little brightness. Scatter these items throughout your room to make full use of them.


Curtains are designed to block the light and heat of the sun, but there are ways to do this while still allowing light through. Remove heavy or dark coloured curtains to add instant natural light to your room, and opt for shear or lighter coloured alternatives. Clear glass doors are also a great way to let the light in. If you are worried about privacy, a tinted or frosted glass can be used.

We love this corner window that makes the most of the entire wall.

Brighten dark interiors

Photo by Pierre Benker at http://bit.ly/1O2vNKB License at http://bit.ly/1ONYLA6


If you love a dark interior, keep your main furnishings like couches or chairs in dark greys, blacks and browns and complete the look with light finishes to help create balance. If you have dark kitchen cabinetry, choose lighter coloured benchtops. If you flooring is a dark brown, opt for light wall paint.

A monochrome look is also a great way to add layer to your home. Monochrome involves using the one colour in many different shades throughout the room. Choose a light base colour like white for the walls and add layers of greys or browns through your furniture and flooring. A black and white monochrome look can also achieve the perfect balance of light and dark in your room!

Our Jagera 250 home below has achieved the perfect balance of colours.

Brighten dark interiors

Could your home benefit from a little more light? Do you have any tricks or tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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