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Spring cleaning your home is so much more than just being able to find that book or top under a sea of stuff.  It’s about keeping things orderly and creating a clean slate to invite positive energy into your life.

Emotionally detach yourself from useless ‘stuff’

We all know it’s nice to receive cards for every occasion throughout the years, but if you’ve held onto every card since birth, chances are you need a giant chest to simply house them.  Be selective.  Surely you can decipher what are heartfelt keepsakes and what has now become useless stuff.

And snap! The job’s a game

Mary PoppinsIf you are a fan of Mary Poppins, you’d know that not only is she ‘practically perfect in every way,’ but that she entices the children to clean through a catchy song and magic game.  Whilst cleaning can seem like a laborious task, you can easily take a leaf out of Poppins’ book and make the job a game.  Listening to music can also help make the task an enjoyable one.  Switch your mindset and ask yourself that important question:  What will a clear space do for my mind and spirit?



Sort out your home, sort out your life

Surrounding yourself with useless things is more than simply ‘just a bit of mess.’  If you don’t want to end up on an episode of ‘Hoarders,’ make sure everything has its place.  With clutter in your home, you can often feel as though you are drowning in a sea of chaos.  Free yourself from unnecessary stress.  Clutter has no place in your life.

Finish the cycle

TowelsAccording to Oprah’s clutter expert, Peter Walsh, in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you have to finish the cycle.  For example, if you put on a load of washing, you have to hang it out, fold it and put it away to complete the cycle.  If you leave it for days you’ll only create the hassle of having to redo it.  As Peter puts it, unfortunately we’re accountable and we no longer have our Mums to pick up after us.




[bs_well size=”lg”]1. GET RID OF IT!

Use post-it’s to decipher what to keep, toss or give away.  Things you should toss could be broken or damaged items, whilst things to give away, may be clothes that you no longer feel comfortable in.


Using appropriate furniture, such as bookshelves, cupboards, display cabinets and laundry hampers; they will help you store your stuff without cluttering your home.  Fuse fashion with function and eliminate mess scattered around your house.


According to ancient Chinese wisdom, you need to create an environment that promotes your efficiency on the job and lifts your mood.  When tasked with clearing the area, wear clothes that are made from light natural fibres, play music that helps you be productive, and open the windows and shutters to allow light in to create a fresh, vibrant working space.[/bs_well]

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