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At Hotondo Homes, we understand the challenges of finding the right builder for your new home. With a myriad of factors to consider, including home design and land availability, finding the right fit can be a daunting process. Luckily, our unique expertise and offering is here to keep your worries at bay. In this blog, […]

The epitome of luxe, a fireplace is a great way to bring decorative charm and practical benefits such as warmth to your home. In fact, it can also add value to your space should you wish to sell down the track. If you’re building a new home, a fireplace should be something you might wish […]

Whether you’re building a new home but not sure what to look for in a floor plan or you’re at the stage where you’re playing around with colours and moods, having a professional builder share their insights is of utmost importance. You want the reassurance that whatever you’re choosing is the right home for you, […]

If you’re considering investing in a dual occupancy or duplex home, it’s important to do your research first. There are so many benefits to choosing a dual occupancy design but but it’s also important to assess whether a dual occupancy home suits your lifestyle and your property investment goals. Whether you want to accommodate a […]

With over 30 stunning display homes located across Australia, we’re proud of being able to showcase the quality craftsmanship of our builders while also helping you experience the beauty of our home designs in person. We’re still trading as normal, but we’ve made a few changes to the way we do things at Hotondo Homes. […]

Exterior wall cladding is an important element to consider when building or renovating your home. Not only does it help your home resist the elements and stand the test of time, but it also impacts the overall aesthetic, and improves acoustics and insulation quality. When it’s time to complete your colour selections, cladding your home’s […]

How To Better Organise Your Bedroom

When people think of getting a good night’s sleep, most focus on investing in better bed accessories, such as supportive mattresses, comfortable pillows and soft quilts and doonas. While all these are important, you can’t underestimate the importance of decluttering and organising your bedroom. Once achieved, your space will feel clean, relaxing and spacious – […]

Duplexes are fast becoming an increasingly popular option for many Australian homeowners. Known in the property world as the quiet achievers, duplex dwellings offer flexibility, tax benefits (if you’re an owner-occupier) and investment potential. Purchasing one in the right location will see value appreciation over the years, with investors expecting an excellent return in a […]

A Glossary of Interior Design Terms

Whether it’s a corporate office, restaurant, or even library, how the inside space is designed is heavily influenced by human behaviour and interaction. Interior designers are qualified in building codes as well as ergonomics, spatial concepts, colours and so much more. When it comes to interior design, there are many aspects of a home or […]

If you play your cards right, investing in residential real estate comes with many benefits. It’s little wonder why Australians consider real estate one of the most popular assets. For those just starting out, it can be a little overwhelming. Understanding the different types of real estate investments and how they work is the first […]

Kids will try just about anything to get out of bed time. Getting your child into sleep mode can be challenging, but there are things you can do to create a sleep-friendly bedroom interior that encourages your child to stop fighting the Z’s. Remove clutter They say a tidy space equals a tidy mind and […]

Full of light and fresh air, a coastal home has a calming feel like no other. Having a beautiful home on the coast, however, doesn’t mean you have to pack it full of seashells and blue wallpaper. A minimalist approach to coastal design is more likely to leave you with that seaside feeling than any […]

Picture this: you’re designing your dream home and you think you’ve got it all figured out: the master bedroom will be placed on the ground floor next to the living room, the kids bedrooms will be upstairs along with a family room. It all sounds perfect – but what if it’s not? What if it […]

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