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So you have worked hard with your builder and finally selected the new home you love.
Everything is on track and you have just received the floor plans. Any errors at this point can be both costly and difficult to live with later, so once you receive the plans it is important to review them both with your builder and in your own time.
Read up on how to avoid common issues with your floor plan.


You can never have enough storage. You will need all of it and more.

Linen, books, old CDs, sports gear and old trinkets you can’t part with all need a place to go. Think about your current possessions and mentally put them away in your new home. Not enough space? Finding room for an extra cupboard here or there is not too difficult a task and is highly recommended. Your builder will always have some great tips to help avoid a cluttered home.



Kitchen storage is perhaps the most important area to organise in the entire house. Not only do you need to work out where all the appliances and cookware must go, but it must be done in a convenient way.

Run through the way in which you would cook your favourite meal, and ensure everything is located in an orderly fashion and not too far out of reach. Pots and pans next to the stove, plates and cutlery near the dishwasher. If there is going to be more than one person cooking, make sure there is adequate room for both.



While a third living area or home theatre may look amazing on the plan, practical applications need to be considered.

If you are not going to be using that formal dining room it is wasted space. Utilise it for some other means or omit it completely and extend other, more practical rooms.

Try and imagine where your furniture will go and ensure there is enough space for it, then adjust the room size if possible.



The location of light switches is very important.

Try and imagine your nightly routine and run through it on the floor plan. Are the light switch locations convenient, or have you found yourself stumbling half way through the house in the dark?

Following this, ensure there is plenty of lighting for the home. This includes both electrical lighting and natural.



Power outlets need to be readily available. You don’t want a great big extension cord extending from one side of the room to the other just to plug your floor lamp in.

Make sure you consider where all major appliances will be including mounted air-conditioning units, kitchen appliances, televisions, music systems and bathroom appliances to ensure there is enough power to go around.


Keep your bedrooms as isolated as possible. Plan them away from noisy living areas to ensure peace and quiet. The location of the laundry in relation to the bedrooms is more important than you think. No one wants to travel across the home to do the laundry, especially children and teenagers.

Ultimately your floor plan should be designed to suit your lifestyle in the most convenient manner possible. Check and check again with your builder everything is as you want it and never be afraid to ask questions. Whatever makes you happiest is the right choice.


Contact your local Hotondo Homes builder today to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect floor plan.

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