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Whether you’re married with a family, single, looking to buy your first home or wanting to invest, the benefits of buying a house and land package should not be overlooked.

House and land packages are one of the most economical and efficient ways to gain a tangible asset and create a home you love.

Some of the benefits include affordability, convenience, new home technologies, fast construction time and the customisation of layout and design.

Location, location, location

It’s important to consider the location of your house and land package before you commence building. Whether it’s your own home or for investment purposes, the location of your house and land package is key.

Consider its proximity to schools, shops, local amenities, public transport and employment opportunities. Houses that are in close proximity to these things may get more rental return on them. Similarly, when you come to sell the house this will often be a major factor for buyers.

Shape & size

The shape and size of the block of land you choose will ultimately determine the cost and build time. Some sloping blocks require excavation and the implementation of retaining walls.


The house and lands exposure to the sun is paramount to harnessing its natural capacity to give light and offer ways to heat and cool the home.

Ensuring the home isn’t shadowed by neighbouring properties will mean that your home can take advantage of the northerly rays. This will also affect your heating and cooling bills. In order to maximise energy efficiency, ensure your living areas are facing north.

Local government regulations

Each suburb or region is under the jurisdiction of a local council. Therefore, different rules apply to different properties. Before you purchase a block of land ensure that you do your research.

Look for restrictions on certain building materials, home styles and heights, easement placements and subdivisions.

It is also worth finding out whether the property is in a bushfire prone area, a region that is susceptible to floods or inhabited by protected wildlife.


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