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With children tending to live at home with their parents for longer as well as an increasingly ageing population, and family units with unique circumstances many people are turning to multi-generational homes as a solution to comfortably housing large family groups for a longer period of time. If you’re curious about what these new home solutions may look like, we’ve got a quick summary for you!

Why Build a Multigenerational Home in 2022?

You may have ageing family members who require a little more care, your adult children aren’t able to purchase their own home yet, or perhaps you have parents who want to help out with the grandkids on a regular basis. A multigenerational home is the perfect solution; each family member has their own separate space, but you’ll still be living in together so the opportunity to check in daily and help out will be a beneficial convenience for all parties.

Things to Consider

When you’re thinking about what your multigenerational home might look like there are some important things to consider. Would you prefer separate homes on the same block or would you like one larger home with separate living quarters? Is open-plan living the best option, or would you like more defined, separate living areas so everyone can have their own private space to relax in? Would you like separate entries to the home or perhaps you’d like a home with multiple ensuites to allow for more separation between family groups. Whatever your requirements, there are a range of suitable solutions that will work for you and your family.

Building a Duplex

If you have family members who need a higher level of attention but aren’t quite ready for assisted living facilities a duplex is the perfect alternative, such as our Elwood and Aon designs. Each family will have their own separate living space and independence, but you’ll be neighbours so you can visit them daily while still maintaining a level of privacy and separation. When help is needed, you’re right there to assist, and for young families living next door to grandparents who are still able to lend a hand with childcare, the burden is eased on working parents. You may like to build a duplex with your older children, easing the financial burden as the building cost is shared between two parties, which gives you the chance to downsize and provides your kids with the opportunity to own their first home sooner.

Split Level Homes

A split level home takes full advantage of all the space available on your land and is a cost-effective way to build a multigenerational home while still enjoying the benefits of a backyard and a spacious home design. Split level homes are a great option for families who still want to live under one roof while still enjoying their own space on different floors within the home. For example, the open-plan kitchen, living and dining areas often serve as a common area for the household, with bedrooms located on different levels, multiple bathrooms and ensuites as seen in our Hillgrove, Kalara and Killalea home designs, and an additional living area located near the bedrooms to allow for another separate zone for family members to enjoy.

Acreage Homes

Acreage homes are perfect for larger blocks of land often found in regional areas. They also have the added benefit of being a single storey home, removing the need for stairs, which can prove to be a challenge for older family members, or those with mobility issues. Acreage designs often have wider hallways, big open spaces and even separate family wings, allowing family members to feel a little more separate from each other without being too far away. Home designs like our Alden, Lansdowne, Stockton and Yering are all designed to suit wide blocks and feature spacious bedrooms, multiple living spaces, and plenty of space in common areas to allow for larger family groups to use them comfortably at the same time.

Multigenerational living can be a wonderful solution for families with unique needs and different lifestyles. With a range of options available, you’re sure to find a home design that will suit your family’s needs, so head over to the Hotondo Homes website to look at possible solutions today.

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