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Deciding whether to build or buy a home can be tricky. While both options provide pro’s and con’s, building your home from the ground up can be more beneficial than buying. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reasons why building your dream home is often the best option for your family in the long run…

Size of land

Homes that are already established might have a larger block of land than those that are available for new builds. Meaning that you might have more landscape to play with, but, often the home may take up a considerable portion of land minimising your creative options.

When you build a new home, you get to decide on the layout of the home. Where you want the windows to face and how much outdoor living you require.


Design features

Design is one of the key attributes in making a house your home. Homes that are already built can save you time deciding on features. However, if you build you can choose fittings, colours and finishes that you love.

If you know what you want from your home, including the layout and details you need, then finding a floor plan that meets these requirements would be easier than finding a house that will do the same.


In parts of Australia, incentives such as reduced stamp duty and the first home owners grant are available to new home owners. In some cases, unless the established home is substantially renovated, the FHOG is only available to new builds. This provides an advantage towards building your perfect home rather than buying an existing home.


Ongoing costs

Ongoing costs associated with buying an older home could prove costly. You may find that you will need to upgrade something in the home in the near future.

New homes are built to higher energy efficiency standards and have smaller maintenance costs than an established house. Modern features such as solar panels, ducted heating/cooling and upgraded water systems will be worth more when selling compared to features added to older established houses.

If your family is looking for a beautiful new home, then building is the best option for you. At Hotondo Homes we understand the importance of family. That’s why we’ve created the Forever Sanctuary range featuring homes that are perfect for the growing family. With over 90 flexible floor plans, you’re bound to find your dream home.


For more information on the Forever Sanctuary range, check out our website here: hotondo.com.au/ 

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