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When it comes to building or buying your dream home it’s important to ensure the homes you’re looking at fit the needs of you and your family. When searching for a new home, the goal is always to have that “this is the one” moment. So, buying a house not only comes down to a feeling, but also some logical assessment of what requirements you need. We’ve created a list of important factors to consider when choosing where you’ll be building or buying your dream home…


Location, location, location!

Where is the home located? Is it close to schools or within preferred school districts? Is there public transport nearby? These are all important questions to ask yourself when looking at homes or deciding to build. Although the house itself may be perfect, the location may not.


Consider these factors when choosing a location:

  • Facilities around – shops, doctors, dare care etc
  • Distance to freeway/highway or main roads
  • Car parking available



Perhaps the place you’re looking at is in a great location with shops, parks and schools/work nearby but the house is slightly run down, you’ll need to consider if it is actually worth repairing. Are you going to have issues with the foundations? Is the roof structurally sound or termites affecting the home? Initially, these can seem like small problems when you’re excited about moving somewhere, but they can become very costly later down the track. It may be worth creating a checklist of the ‘musts’ when shopping around.


Areas of the home to check when inspecting a home:

  • Lights – do they work?
  • Power – make sure the home has sufficient power points to suit your family’s needs
  • Water pressure – is the water pressure low or high? How will this affect your water usage?
  • Water system – how big is the hot water system? Will it be enough for you and your family?
  • Heating/cooling – does the home have any heating or cooling? If not, can it be easily installed?



Sometimes it’s easy to see a home and fall completely in love with it to only look back later and wish you had a better layout. Luckily some areas of the home can be altered after they have been built. However, looking out for these key areas are important in making sure you are satisfied with your home to begin with.


When choosing a home look for things including:

  • Natural lighting
  • Construction quality – look at the foundations of the house and whether it has the structural strength to renovate if needed
  • Layout and orientation of the home


Opportunity to improve

Some areas of the home can be improved once they have been built. By looking at the floor plan you can see opportunities to improve your home. Look for ways to add your own personal touch to your home to make it truly your own. Look for inspiration in other new homes online too!


Remember, when looking for your home think about what you need more so than what you want. This checklist will make it easier for you to keep track of what areas you’re after in choosing your ideal home!


What do you think is important to consider when building or buying a home? Let us know in the comments below. For more information about building in your area head to our website at: hotondo.com.au to find out more.

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