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You’ve chosen a builder, selected a floor plan and design that suits, received the relevant approvals from your local council and your finance has been approved. It’s now time for the construction of your home to begin.

This is possibly the most exciting stage of any building project because it’s when you get to see your home come to life.


Site clearing and preparation is required on most blocks of land before you can start the slab or footings of your home.

This may involve tree removal, demolishing a house or shed on the property, excavation of the land and the implementation of retaining walls.

While you will most likely need a council permit to remove trees and other objects from your property, ensure this process is done before building is ready to commence otherwise this will hold up the progress of your build.


Plumbing will be laid prior to your footings being put down. Footings are an important part of the foundation of your construction. They are normally poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation of the home.

After the plumbing and footings have been laid, the slab can be poured.


The frames are often prepared off-site and then transported to the job site when necessary. They don’t take long to erect, often only a couple of days depending on the weather, other trades and your builder.

Once the frames are up you can really get a sense of your home and the size of each room.


This stage really gives the home true structure.


Depending on your builder, your roofing will either go on before or just after your brickwork/ weatherboard is complete. You will have the choice between tiles or metal roofing.


Once your electrical and plumbing wiring has been completed the internal linings of your home will be installed. This involves insulation and plaster.


The lock up stage involves all external doors being installed on the home. This is often when your kitchen will be installed as well as the other more expensive items like tapware, mirrors, bathroom items, vanities and more.


After the construction is completed you will have the opportunity to do a formal inspection of the home. This will give you the opportunity to raise any issues you have with your builder.

After paying your final invoice your keys will be handed over to you and you will be free to move into the home when you wish.

For more information on building your dream home contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

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