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Now comes the fun part of decorating your new home.

Whether it’s a boy’s room, a girl’s room or even a nursery, you now have the opportunity to get really creative in your new home. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold and imaginative as you want. And your kids will love you for it too.

Think functional furniture alongside bright colours, bold wallpaper patterns and quirky décor.



Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to play around with colour in your home and paint is often the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to do this. A fun paint colour can easily add character to a room as well as setting the mood and the theme of the room.

The traditional colours of pink or blue are no longer the norm and no longer gender specific. Consider using colours like yellow, grey, navy blue, cream, orange, gold or silver. Also try to choose a colour that your child won’t grow out of too quickly.

room 4


Using wallpaper is a really easy way to add character to a bedroom. You can go with themed wallpaper, patterned wallpaper or simply coloured wallpaper.

room 2


There are many creative ways to add life and excitement to the walls in your children’s bedrooms. For example, you can frame your child’s artwork or school projects to showcase their work and add colour to their room.

Another idea is to paint one wall in chalkboard paint. This will give your child the opportunity to decorate the wall as often as they like. It’s also fun and interactive.

Stencils or removable wall decals can be another fun way to add colour and texture to the room.

room 6


Try to choose furniture that will grow with your child like a good quality side table, dresser and storage unit.


You can get really creative with your child’s bedding. It’s also another way to add colour and pattern to their bedroom.

room 5

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