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So, you’ve just built your dream home and now you’re trying to decide how to build your alfresco area. With so many choices and decisions to make it can be hard to know where to start and what to add. Whether it’s designing or décor we have compiled some ideas on how to create a beautiful alfresco decking area…

It’s all about the base

When starting on your alfresco deck make sure that you create a strong foundation by cleaning, repairing (if needed) and staining your chosen material. Ensure that the material you’re using is clean of any dirt, rust or mould so that your foundation will be strong and healthy.

To enhance your decking’s longevity and ability to repel harmful outdoor elements use a suitable finish, we recommend Haymes IVEX Timber Finish or Decking Oil.

Post it up

If your alfresco decking is above ground or incorporates a pool make sure you have the appropriate fencing to prevent injury, especially to young children. It also gives you a great opportunity to incorporate hanging plant boxes or decorative hanging ornaments.


Put a roof on it

Having an open deck area without a roof can be a great feature in warmer months, but sometimes the weather can limit how much time you spend outside. By having a roof over your deck, you can enjoy the shade and protection all year round. This means less time getting sunburnt or wet and more time outdoors. Types of roofs for your alfresco area can include extended roofing of the home, shade sails, shade cloth or umbrellas.

Outdoor furnishings

Before purchasing your outdoor furniture consider the types of materials used and how you can protect them from local weather conditions to increase their longevity. Outdoor furnishings are commonly made from hard woods, steel, aluminium and plastics. You should also aim to create a flowing style that is consistent within the whole alfresco area, this way it looks consistent and stylish.

If you’re looking to dine outdoors often, building an outdoor kitchen is a great way of creating that second hub beside the kitchen, where guests can gather and enjoy some chatter over a meal. When building your outdoor kitchen you can make it more than just a BBQ by including a sink, bar fridge and some cabinet space for all your outdoor dining crockery.

Styling your surroundings

It can be hard to decide on the theme of your alfresco area with so many styles and furniture options available. Choose themes that coordinate with the styling inside the home. Perhaps your style is coastal, so aim for coastal themed furnishings outdoors. For example blue hues and light wooden chairs with nautical coloured cushions. This way you’ll achieve a flow between the home and alfresco area. Incorporating plants is also a great way to liven up a space and make it more homely. Without plants or natural features, the alfresco area can look very cold and uninviting.


Grow it, make it, eat it

If your only garden space is where you’re looking to build your alfresco deck, don’t worry you can still have a decent sized space to garden. These days you can just about grow things anywhere with wall mounted garden beds, pot plants for the ground, or hanging plants. Find out what’s in season and start growing your own vegetables or fruits. This way you can enjoy watching the food you planted grow, whilst relaxing from the comfort of your deck chair.


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