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Growing up, kids are constantly changing their mind when it comes to their favourite things. Anything from toys to colours can change in an instant, which makes it hard to design a bedroom that keeps up with their tastes as they grow. With our tips, you can create a bedroom that they can enjoy throughout their childhood with minimal change…

Neutral furniture

There is no doubt that as your child grows some furniture will need to be replaced. But when choosing furniture aim for neutral colours or materials that match. By keeping things simple, it will be easier to adjust the room to your child’s tastes in the future.

Think about furniture that can save space such as beds with storage underneath. Additionally, you could have a spare mattress or trundle underneath in case siblings or friend’s sleepover.

Another idea is to invest in a double or queen bed as they get older. This will remain useful as they grow and can be used as another sleeping arrangement if you have visiting guests.

Colour coordination

When designing, aim for styles that will stay trendy throughout the years. Instead of using bright colours to paint your child’s room or floor coverings choose neutral tones that you can expand on. You don’t want the room to look separate from the rest of the home.

By keeping many areas simple and adding pops of colour and decorations can help stop them from out-growing their room too quickly and save a lot of money!


Wall covers

These days there are plenty of ways to add style to your kid’s room without having to paint the walls. Why not add a chalkboard wall so the kids can get creative? If chalk is too messy for you, why not try some graphic wall stickers. They are easy to apply and remove and come in a range of designs and colours.

Express their personality

Add personality through colourful rugs, doona covers, lamps and decorations to the room to give it a more personal touch. These are things that can easily be changed and are more cost-effective than redesigning the room every time their mind changes.


Let them have some control

Bedrooms are a haven and should still reflect the style and personality of the owner. Letting your child have some control over what they put in their room might mean they take more care of the room in the long run!

A spot for toys

You can’t forget one of the most important parts of a kid’s room. Try creating some storage where your kids can put their toys after playing. For example, you could have a small drawer, box or shelving in the room that is easy to reach.



Hang some pictures or even have your kid’s drawings enlarged and framed for a burst of personality! It’s a nice touch to add their own piece and it’s something that you can keep to give to them when they’re older!


With younger kids, make sure the furniture and décor you choose is safe. Simple things like tying blind cords out of reach, bolting a bookcase down, covering electrical plugs and securing cords can all help keep your child from harm’s way.

Nothing is ever permanent

Nothing with children is ever permanent. All you can do as parents is aim to make the transition easier and more cost-effective while still aiming to create a space they enjoy.


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