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Flooring types

Flooring types, which is right for you?

There are so many wonderful flooring options you can choose for your home. Some people love the class floorboards provide, some like the cleanliness of tiles, while others appreciate the warmth a good carpet can bring to the room.
All of the flooring types have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. We have made a case for the three main options – carpet, tiles and floorboards – to help you with the big decision!

The case for floorboards:

Floorboards are beautiful, come in a variety of colours and offer class to your home. In a modern design where open-plan living is popular, floorboards allow a seamless flow between the living, dining and kitchen area.
Floorboards are also easier to clean and do not collect dust, dirt or pet hair as easily as other flooring types like carpet. This can offer relief to allergy suffers. A quick sweep or mop rather than an hour-long vacuum is a real winner for those who hate housework.
Finally, if taken care of, floorboards are long-lasting and durable. Laminate flooring has come a long way in the past few years and is even more sustainable than hardwood floorboards. Laminate flooring is a good alternative for those with children, pets or live a busy lifestyle.

The cons:

Although beautiful, floorboards can be LOUD! Floorboards can also warp and expand when they get wet – so if your family is prone to spills, you need to be able to clean it up fast. Again laminate can be a good alternative to hardwood if you are concerned with problems arising from moisture.
Harwood flooring will show scratches and dents. Some people like this look and believe it adds character, so if you choose floorboards you need to be prepared for the inevitable wear and tear that comes with them.
Finally we come to the cost. Floorboards are one of the most expensive flooring types you can purchase. The upside to this is they add real value to your home, so finding a way to pay the bill could be beneficial to you in the long-run.

Flooring types

The case for tiles:

Tiles are neat, clean and a popular choice in new, modern homes. The come in wide variety of colours, patterns and shapes, meaning there is great versatility for your design. Smaller tiles are great for features and larger tiles are good for open areas.
Unlike floorboards, tiles can handle spills. This makes them ideal for the kitchen area. They are also easy to clean, and as with floorboards, collections of dust and dirt are kept to a minimum.
Tiles are durable and can handle years of foot traffic.

The cons:

If not chosen carefully, tiles can look clinical in a home. They can also be hard and cold underfoot. Pick the colour scheme wisely to avoid this.
Tiles are easy to clean; the problem is the grout. Grout can be difficult to maintain, and if you choose a light colour be prepared for it to darken and look dirty as the years go on.
Cracked tiles look bad. You can get away with dents and scratches on floorboards, but tiles look old, worn out and just plain broken if you drop something heavy on them.
Speaking of dropping things, if you lose your grip on a plate, glass or your phone, consider it lost forever. Everything will break on tiles.

Flooring types

The case for carpet:

Carpet is warm and inviting in your living area. With plenty of styles and colours to choose from, many people prefer the soft, warm feel of a carpet to the harder floorboard or tile alternatives.
Carpet is the most affordable of all flooring types. It adds colour to the room and you can get quite creative with it. It is softer on the foot than either tiles or floorboards, and is also quieter. It can also retain more heat than other flooring types.
Finally carpet is more kid-friendly, so falls are not as dangerous.

The cons:

Cleaning carpet is the most arduous of all these flooring types. It collects dirt the easiest, which can be difficult for those with serious allegories. Carpet can also retain moisture, which can become mouldy if not attended to.
Carpet can stain easily, and can become matted. Be prepared to pay the additional cost of steam cleaning to keep it looking fresh.
Although appropriate for a living area, carpet in the dining or kitchen space is impractical.

Flooring types

At the end of the day your flooring type comes down to personal choice. Choose the kind you are most comfortable with or find the most appealing, and remember you can always change it down the track! For more information on flooring types, speak to your local Hotondo Homes builder today!

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