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After making the decision to build a home you now have the hard task of choosing a floor plan and design that will suit your family dynamic and your lifestyle.

Choosing the right floor plan can be a hard undertaking because it often requires a lot of forward thinking and planning. It’s important to contemplate how long you plan on living in the home and how your family dynamic might change during that time.

Family dynamic

The dynamic and size of your family will be the biggest consideration when deciding on your floor plan. For example, features that a newlywed couple might look for in a floor plan will be vastly different from the characteristics that a retired couple might look for.

Take into consideration how long you plan on living in the home, how many children you plan on having or have and the age of your children. Parents of young children might want a rumpus room for the kids to play in, while teenage children might require a quiet space away from the living areas to study.

Single or double storey?

When deciding on your floor plan take into consideration the positives and negatives of having a single or double storey home.

Choosing a single storey home can be beneficial for older couples who don’t want to be walking up and down stairs. Families with young children may also opt for a single storey home because it can be easier to keep an eye on the kids and the stairs won’t pose a safety risk.

Choosing a double storey floor plan is beneficial if you’re wanting to highlight outside views, separate the living and sleeping quarters of the home and take advantage of more space.


Think about your lifestyle when choosing the features of your floor plan.

If you’re an avid movie fan, you might consider a home theatre. If you love entertaining, an outdoor alfresco or formal lounge could be ideal. If you run a business from home, a home office located near the entry would be perfect.

Furnishings & aesthetics

When choosing your floor plan consider your existing furnishings and the style of home you wish to create.

Some people will choose a floor plan and then discover a lot of their furniture won’t fit within the new space. Therefore, it’s important to consider this early on.

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