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New construction homes are gaining in popularity, with many Australians choosing to build a new home rather than move into an existing one. There’s no denying the appeal of new construction, and there are so many benefits when going down this route. If you’re a homebuyer in the market for a place to call your own, you may want to consider the top 5 reasons building a new home is preferred over an existing home.

Better value for money

Working closely with your local builder during the design and construction phase means you get to manage your budget better. You get to decide whether you want to make any modifications or upgrades and understand how that will fit into your budget.

Choosing the ideal design

At Hotondo Homes, you have over 90 new home designs to choose from. In addition to working with a Colour Selections Specialist to pick out everything from the colour of your new home to your fixtures and finishes, you even have control over the facade style you want for the outside of your home. By choosing every detail of your new home, you get to build a home that truly reflects your unique personal taste and suits your family’s lifestyle.

Having a home that’s all your own

Sometimes, there’s no greater feeling than moving into a new home that nobody’s lived in before. It really truly feels like it’s all your own. Not only is everything spotlessly clean but everything has its place because you requested it so. While old homes do have their charm, starting from scratch and watching your house get built is an unforgettable experience.

Ideal location with more space, privacy and safety

New homes are often more spacious: the walk-in-wardrobes are bigger, the kitchen is expansive, and there’s often plenty of space and storage throughout the home. This all caters to the demands of modern families who crave space as well as privacy. Many new home designs also feature a mix of open-plan living as well as separate living spaces, from spacious bedrooms to rumpus rooms for the kids to cater to your family’s needs at every stage of life.

Modern features and full lifespan

When it comes to new construction, everything – from the carpet or the hardwood floors to the stone benchtops, furnishings, lighting, and even appliances – are installed brand new. This means they are in perfect condition. This extends to the paint job, the roof, and even the driveway. In contrast, older homes require more maintenance more frequently, due to the general wear and tear that’s occurred over years from previous owners living there. 

Energy efficiency

With a new home build, you’ll get a product that meets current building standard requirements for energy efficiency. Everything will be considered: from plenty of insulation to brand new heating and air conditioning systems, and even the placement of windows for maximum warmth and light. Older homes tend to be hot during summer and cold during winter as they weren’t built to withstand the modern Australian climate.

Talk to us about a new home build

Are you in the market for a new home build? Speak to Hotondo Homes. For over 30 years, our builders have been building high-quality homes for locals across Australia. If you would like to discuss your needs, head to our website to find your local builder today.


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