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Homes for sloping blocks in 2022

Hotondo Homes builders understand that land comes in all shapes and sizes.  We make the most out of your land by taking advantage of its orientation to maximise sunlight for energy efficiency and take in local views.  We work with the gradient of your block to build a functional and stylish home that suits your lifestyle and enhances everyday living.

Enjoy the view

Whether your block slopes from front to back, side to side, or is simply an awkward shape, we work with the orientation of your block to maximise sunlight and take advantage of local views.

Killalea sloping block

The striking Killalea design demonstrates how our builders can make the most out of a sloping or challenging block.

Maximise space

Our builders see challenging and sloping sites as an opportunity to maximise space.  Express your individual needs, whilst maximising the block’s view and aspect.  Create an additional storage space, second living area for teenagers or a carport utilising the slope.

Energy efficiency

Sloping, challenging and unusual sized blocks offer some unique benefits over a standard flat block of land.  We build homes to cater for all climates, using clever design to enhance your home’s energy efficient performance and comfort.

Solid foundations

To ensure the structural integrity and longevity of your home for years to come, we offer a number of different foundation options.  This includes split level concrete and stump options to accommodate varying degrees of upslope and downslope blocks.

Killalea_Homes for sloping blocksBuilders with experience

You need to choose a builder who is experienced in making use of the shape, solar positioning and characteristics of a challenging block.  We inspect your block to assess if there are any problems that need addressing and work out the most affordable way to get the best out of your land. Find your local builder.

Council compliance

We facilitate the entire building procedure from site inspection to attaining the appropriate council plans and permits.

Sloping block inspection

If you want a free NO COST site inspection, simply contact your local builder to organise a time to meet you on your block.

Homes for sloping blocks_downstairsBuilt on a sloping block, the Airlie showcases how clever design and quality building can utilise a difficult space.  Maximising the awkward shape of the block, the Airlie’s downstairs area has been made into second living area, which could double as a teenagers retreat, media room or a guest house away from the hub of the home. 

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