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How to Maximise the Space in your Laundry

When it comes to a home design, you’ve most likely put a lot of consideration into how much space you want for your master bedroom, the kitchen, and of course, the living room. But have you put much thought into how you’d like to arrange your laundry? While it might be the smallest room in a home, it plays a large role in domestic duties. Wouldn’t our lives be easier if we had a large enough space to load and unload the washing machine, corral clothes by fabric and colour, and iron and fold our dried clothes? 

Home not blessed with a large laundry room? Not to worry. If you’ve got limited laundry space and the clutter is getting a little too hard to handle, there’s another solution besides expensive renovations. Create more storage room by maximising your existing space with these clever laundry hacks from Hotondo Homes.

Consider floating shelves

Keep it simple and functional by installing floating shelves above your washing machine, sink or bench. That way, you can keep laundry items such as detergent within arm’s reach. Our hot tip? Paint your floating shelves the same colour as your walls so they blend into the space.

Use hooks

Don’t let the space under your floating shelves go to waste: attach strong hooks to the wall where the vacant space is and hang items, like a dustpan and brush, coat hangers, or even a peg basket. This will help you store important items without leaving them on the benchtop creating clutter and using up valuable bench space.

Add an ironing board station

Tired of pulling out the ironing board and setting it up every time you need to steam the wrinkles out of your clothes? Mount an ironing board station to the back of your laundry door and pull down to iron.

Stack your machines

This will only work if you have invested in a front loader washing machine, but consider stacking your dryer onto your washing machine or vice versa (if it is safe and stable to do so). By building up instead of side by side, you’ll be saving precious floor space.

Elevate the space with paint

Turn a lacklustre room into something pretty and give the illusion of space by touching up your laundry with a fresh lick of paint. Off-whites, blues and greens are said to make a room look larger and brighter. Alternatively, you could line your laundry wall with a tile to create a statement splashback.

Clever laundry storage ideas to maximise your space

Of course, you can simply throw in the towel and create more laundry space by building a home that suits your lifestyle. When you team up with Hotondo Homes, you can view over 90 stunning new home designs and work with a local builder to bring your dream home to life. With a range of floor designs to choose from, it’s never been easier to create the laundry you’ve always wanted in a home that’s built to your taste and lifestyle.

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