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Open-Plan Living How to make your kitchen Living area Work

Open-plan living spaces are a common design feature in new homes. Many new home designs are built with a modern open-plan layout for the dining and living areas. But what’s the trick to making this substantial space feel cosy and inviting, while still creating a cohesive look that has clearly defined zones? We’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you make your open-plan space work for your family.

Keep your furniture away from the wall

You may feel inclined to push all your furniture up against the wall to make the space seem large and open, but that’s actually the opposite of how you should style each zone within an open-plan area. By placing most of your furniture away from walls and in its own section of the open-plan room, you’ll create clearly defined areas for different activities within the space and create a functional and welcoming atmosphere. You just need to ensure that there is enough space to comfortably walk around the room, and that dining chairs can be pulled out without obstructing the walkway. 

Ensure your furniture fits the space

Similar to having furniture against the walls, having furniture that’s too large or too tall can also be a disadvantage to your space. Select furniture that’s not too intrusive or oversized for each zone within the open-plan space so that the room has a cohesive visual flow and allows you to look at and move through the room without obstruction.

Sisters, not twins

Create harmony between the spaces by using elements to tie them together. Try using pops of colour: match your throw cushions to the colour of the placemats, or select a painting for the dining area that matches the rug in the lounge room. Keep all of your pieces of furniture to a similar style and era – a mid-century dining table may not suit a contemporary modular lounge suite, for example. While you don’t want the spaces to look identical, subtle, intentional elements of style similarity can create a sense of unity.

Create depth

A common mistake made when designing an open plan living space is not filling it enough. No, we don’t mean jam every piece of furniture that you can find in there. Create depth by adding layers of decorative elements, otherwise the space can feel empty and lacking in personal style. Try some throw cushions, a coffee table or even an indoor pot plant to breathe life into the space and make it feel like home.

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