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One of the major advantages in building your own home is that you can select a design that will best suit you. From your lifestyle to your budget, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account. Decisions need to be made, and one of the biggest is whether you should build a single storey or double storey home.

It can be a difficult, so consider some of these factors and make sure you build the most appropriate home for you.




  • Building up rather than out allows for a bigger yard and more space for that beautiful alfresco area you have always wanted. Outdoor pets will benefit too. With the size of lots decreasing, a larger backyard can be hard to come by.
  • While the construction costs of double storey homes are often 10-15% higher according to realestate.com, they can be built on smaller and more affordable lots. So while it may be tempting to spend less on a single storey home, the land required to do this may cancel out any savings made.
  • Double storey homes can provide a more ‘impressive’ street appearance. The surrounding homes should also be considered. Do you want to live in a single storey surrounded by towering double storey homes?



  • The general perception of building up is that you get more home for less of your lot. However, double storey homes can actually have a considerable amount of wasted space. The major offender is the stairs. They are an obvious necessity, yet in a single story home this space can be utilised for living areas.
  • The cost of heating and cooling a single storey home is significantly cheaper than a double storey. With inconsistent temperature zones, separate systems may be needed for upstairs and downstairs. Further to this, the temperature levels between the two floors can vary considerably. Circulation in a single story home is more fluid, and thus cheaper.
  • Single storey homes can be more age-friendly and safer.  Children and the elderly especially can fall victim to the staircase. You can keep an eye on younger kids in a single storey home much more simply, and in case of an emergency it is easier to evacuate when everybody is on the one floor.



While there are many arguments for both designs, ultimately the decision comes down to your personal preference. You should weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of each home type and assess how they could affect your current or future lifestyle.

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