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Completing a home renovation is similar in many ways to building one from scratch.

First, you have to start with a design idea. Next, you set up the framework for building out the concept. Lastly, you put the finishing touches on the home renovation project that turn the house into a home. But what if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to encompass your whole plan?

Because Hotondo Homes has nearly four decades of experience in the home building industry, Bupa Home Insurance​ tapped us for our insight into renovating on a budget in their recent article, ‘How to Stick to Your Renovation Budget‘. With over 80 builders all across Australia, we have unique insight into what works not just in a single market, but in a wide variety of areas. Here are a few bonus tips!

Focus on the key area:

The kitchen is and will probably always remain the heart of the home, so we recommend you focus a good portion of your budget here. If you don’t have the cash for a major overhaul, there are still a few inexpensive things you can do that will lift the entire feel of the kitchen. Try re-facing your cabinet doors and choose soft glide hinges for an added touch of luxury.

Changing the splashback can have a huge impact on the style of your kitchen, as can switching your bench tops. Although stone bench tops are still loved by many, laminate is a cheaper alternative that can look just as amazing.

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Dabble in DIY:

Do-it-yourself projects are growing in popularity as consumers become more and more budget-conscious and handy. This can be a great way to save money throughout the course of your renovation project, and it is not as difficult as you might think. Remaining focused on the kitchen area, you could simply swap out the doorknobs for a cheap, modern update, which can cost you as little as a few dollars each.

Call in the experts:

Changing door knobs is one thing, but while DIY projects can help you save money, it is still important to be aware of your limitations. Botching the job is going to end up costing you a lot more money in the long run, so entrust more difficult tasks to the hands of certified professionals.

Through the Hotondo Homes network, you can find many certified builders in your local area. The benefit of using local builders is that they are familiar with the area’s real estate market and typically have built relationships with a variety of local vendors and suppliers, enabling them to negotiate lower prices for materials to help you save. Visit our website at hotondo.com.au to find out more!

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