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The idea of a big, sprawling family home is something a lot of people dream of, but often location or land size only allows for a modest sized home, which can present its own challenges. However, with a variety of smaller home designs available, and a number of clever interior design tricks, smaller homes can feel roomy and spacious!


Small home
It’s tempting to create large, open spaces in smaller homes to create a seamless flow of space, but there’s nothing wrong with still wanting some separation between the zones of your home. Creating a kitchen and dining space that’s open-plan is great for these common areas, but designing a living area that’s slightly sectioned off from those high traffic zones will make your home feel a little roomier and add the luxury of a separate space for the family to relax in. If you’re building a townhouse with a second storey, having the majority of the bedrooms upstairs means your ground floor can include things like a dedicated study, a more generous master suite with an ensuite and walk-in robe, or even an additional fourth bedroom.

Interior Design

Small home
Many people subscribe to the idea that modest homes should be all white inside, but this definitely isn’t the case anymore. Smaller homes are more frequently being painted with rich, colourful tones to create the feeling of cosy, warm spaces in bedrooms and lounge rooms, with neutral furniture used to contrast these colours. Feature walls with wallpaper can also be used to give a small room focus and colour, and statement furniture pieces like armchairs, ottomans, and area rugs in coloured tones will give your rooms character.


Small home
In a small home, it’s tempting to fill it with lots of smaller pieces of furniture that fit the space, which can lead to a home that’s crowded with too many items in every room. Instead, focus on purchasing a few larger, key pieces of furniture for each space. For example, buying a bed with storage under the mattress will eliminate the need for a dresser in the bedroom, and in the lounge area one larger modular couch will suit the space better than multiple smaller couches and armchairs. The larger pieces will create an atmosphere of space, and prevent the rooms from feeling cluttered.

Smart Use of Space

Small home
Smaller homes often don’t allow for the luxury of separate studies, guest rooms and extra storage space. The key to including little luxuries that larger homes have is to be smart about utilising the of space you have. If you’re building a double storey townhouse, under the stair case is a perfect spot to create a concealed storage space for sports equipment, seasonal clothing that needs to be stored away, or even a cheeky wine cellar! Designing a study nook against a small section of wall creates an efficient and confined workspace in a common area that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space. In kid’s rooms, purchasing bunk beds or beds with trundles under them allows for sleepovers and room sharing between siblings without the need for two single beds side by side taking up most of the floor space.

Having a smaller home doesn’t mean you and your family need to feel like you’re all living on top of each other! By designing a home that maximises space and includes a clever use of design features with warm interior themes, you can build a home that’s big on space inside and still fits a modest block of land. For more home design ideas for smaller blocks, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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