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The golden rules of an outdoor kitchen.

Building an outdoor kitchen requires thought and creativity. The most important part of the process is thinking about exactly what you plan to cook or how you plan to entertain, and creating your space around these requirements.

Having said this, there are six golden rules to building an outdoor kitchen/entertainment area that will work.

1. Purchase the perfect BBQ

If you intend to cook full meals outside, make sure your kitchen has all the essential spaces. You will need space for preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning to make it as simple as possible to complete all the cooking outside, without having to return indoors.
Your primary piece of equipment should be your BBQ. This Bunnings outdoor kitchen set is a great start, featuring a BBQ, sink and plenty of storage.

Outdoor kitchen

2. Install a kitchen sink

If you like to clean as you cook, an outdoor sink is essential. It can also help with the preparation process, and it adds a touch of luxury to the area.
Planning ahead and installing piping for a sink while your home is being constructed will save you time and money!


3. A bar top or long bench is your friend

The chef can often miss out on conversations while cooking; however there is a way around this. Install a bar top so your guests can sit and talk while you cook, and you won’t miss out on any of the party.
If you don’t like bar tops, a long bench and table like the one in our Erskine 240 design is a great alternative, and it also provides extra preparation space should you need it.



4. Utilise a bar fridge

Those hot summer days require ice-cold drinks to help beat the heat. A bar fridge can also store meat or salads as required, without the need to keep walking back and forth from the house.


5. Create clever access to the home

With a little bit of forward thinking, clever access between the house and the alfresco can create the ultimate indoor/outdoor living experience.
These days butler’s pantries are becoming increasingly popular, and creating direct access from them to the alfresco via a window will create an amazing entertainment space. We love this design, with the window cutting directly into the kitchen and lounge area.

Outdoor kitchen


6. Comfortable seating is key

When the meal is done give your guests the comfort they deserve. With many different kinds of outdoor furnishing that can be as comfortable and attractive as indoor furniture on the market, there is something for every style.
This Ikea outdoor sofa is great and can be altered to suit whatever shape you require.



What else do you think is essential to an outdoor kitchen? Let us know!

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