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What is a smart home

As man continues to evolve, so too does his need for a more sophisticated place of shelter.

The Smart Home is a term we’ve often heard thrown around before, but what is it that has everybody wanting to build one? Although it may seem like we are talking about a world only experienced by the likes of Bill Gates, the smart home is something that almost every new home now affords.

In fact, some states in Australia now enforce that every new home meet a 6-Star Energy Rating.  This basically covers how well a home maintains its indoor temperature without the help of a heater or an air conditioner.
The rating system also takes into account the home’s solar orientation, size and the materials used.  In other words, the smart home is not only safer, but it’s cheaper and easier to run.

Energy Efficient Home_dakota

Here’s a quick break down:

What the 6-Star Energy Rating measures?

  • The home’s layout.
  • The construction of its roof, walls, windows and floor.
  • The orientation of windows, locality to shading and local breezes.
  • How the elements listed above are suited to the local climate.

What do the stars mean?

  • Zero stars means the construction does nothing to regulate the indoor temperature, hot or cold.
  • A 5 star rating specifies good, but not great thermal performance.
  • A 10 star home is unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating assistance.

Why build a home with an energy rating?

  • Use less energy through heating and cooling.
  • Save money on energy bills.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Make your home more resilient to climate change.
  • Increase comfort and safety.

Hopefully one day our homes will be able to make us a cappuccino as it hears the sound of our car pull in, but for now we’ll just have to settle for a more energy efficient, cost effective home.  Not a bad compromise really.

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