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Duplexes are fast becoming an increasingly popular option for many Australian homeowners. Known in the property world as the quiet achievers, duplex dwellings offer flexibility, tax benefits (if you’re an owner-occupier) and investment potential. Purchasing one in the right location will see value appreciation over the years, with investors expecting an excellent return in a strong market.

Fortunately at Hotondo Homes, we have an abundance of talented builders who are well-versed and specialised in a vast range of building types, including but not limited to duplexes, acreages, new homes, knockdown rebuilds, and much more. When you need a specialised duplex builder, turn to us. We can seamlessly integrate your duplex design with the existing homes in your chosen neighbourhood.

Here’s why it’s important to use a specialised duplex builder:

A sense of trust

First and foremost, there is peace of mind in knowing that you’re working with a professional who knows their stuff. You want to be able to trust your builder to make the right decisions, use your resources wisely, and apply their expertise – as well as surpass your expectations. The beauty of working with a specialised duplex builder is that they’ll add creative input and come up with ways to elevate your chosen floor plan into something truly spectacular. 

The ability to pick the right materials and finishes for your duplex

It goes without saying that there’s a spectrum of materials and finishes that you can use for your duplex. But what goes best with what? That’s where a specialised duplex builder comes in: not only will they have practical knowledge on materials, but they’ll know exactly which ones are harmonious to your design.

Know how to create a design that fits with your lifestyle

With the option to choose from one of our 90 flexible floor plans, working with a Hotondo Homes builder that specialises in duplex builds ensures you’ll receive professional advice on the best design that suits your lifestyle. By optimising space planning and efficiency, they can help you lay out your existing space in the most efficient way possible.

Building and construction knowledge

Not all builders are qualified in duplex builds, but all duplex builders are qualified builders. Our professional Hotondo Homes builders understand all building codes, zoning, and approval requirements. With an abundance of experience, they know how to ensure your project will run as smoothly as possible and not run into regulatory obstacles that may hinder your progress.

A bird’s eye view of your requirements

Your initial meeting with our Hotondo Homes duplex builder will involve a lot of listening to your needs. Our designers will explore your requirements and evaluate your lifestyle. Then, they will discuss the best floor design for your land, taking into account your budget, unique zoning requirements, schedules, and building codes. 

Our duplex designs are one of the best ways to maximise your land. All our home designs and floor plans are carefully crafted to ensure they could meet the needs of any growing family. Choose to live in one and rent the other, occupy both, or even rent out both: our duplex designs also offer the perfect investment opportunity. 

Find a local duplex builder with Hotondo Homes

Wherever you are in Australia, know that you can turn to Hotondo Homes for an honest and trustworthy duplex builder. Our professional duplex builders will carefully consider factors such as the design, scale and materials used.

For more information, visit our website and check out our duplex houses page to locate a reliable duplex builder.

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