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Why Ballarat is Now the Place to Live

Brimming with culture, full of rich history and scenic landmarks, where else but Ballarat can you enjoy a merging of city-life convenience with postcard-perfect natural beauty? Just an hour and a half away from Melbourne, Victoria’s largest and grandest inland city really is the latest “it” spot to set up a home. 

From Victorian-era architecture to craft beer, friendly locals and a range of attractions to keep you busy on the weekends, there’s a lot more to Melbourne’s regional little sibling than meets the eye. Could you see yourself living here? Hotondo Homes lists why you should consider a move to Ballarat.

It has everything you need

Perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of city living, you’ll find an abundance of shops, parks and restaurants in Ballarat. Think primary and secondary schools, health services and a range of amenities. It really feels like any big city. And if it doesn’t have everything you need? Melbourne is just a quick drive or train ride away.

Housing and land is more affordable

It goes without saying that the further you live from a city, the more affordable your living becomes. This is still the case with Ballarat. When compared to Melbourne’s market, the median unit price in Ballarat is $265,000 (in comparison, Victoria’s median unit price is $515,000). If you’re looking for a sea change within a budget that won’t make you baulk, think Ballarat.

Unlimited career options

Usually when one makes a move away from metropolitan cities, it is recommended to secure a job before moving to any new city. However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 saw a shake-up when it came to the way we worked. Introducing flexible working hours. For those considering living in Ballarat, you may no longer need to commute to an office in Melbourne: if your industry or role permits, you can work from home while enjoying all the benefits of living in Ballarat.

Get your culture fix

Home to the Eureka Stockade of December 1894 and the famed gold rush, Ballarat is no stranger to art and culture. In addition to spending your weekends exploring all the Victorian-era architecture around the town, you can also catch local and international artists in dance, music and comedy at Her Majesty’s Theatre, explore the Art Gallery of Ballarat or head to the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts.

You can escape to nature quite easily

Calling all nature lovers: it’s easy to get your fix of the great outdoors. Embrace some natural beauty with a picnic at Lake Wendouree or enjoy a day trip to Trentham Falls for a quick hike. Here in Ballarat, you really do get to experience everything you love about living in the city while getting outdoors when the mood strikes.

Work with Hotondo Homes today

Find your perfect house and land package, duplex or split level home in Ballarat. The expert team at Hotondo Homes will make buying your dream home a breeze by pairing you with a builder local to the area, so you can work together on the land as well as the home design that best suits your lifestyle. Contact us today on 1800 677 156 or visit our website for more information.

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