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When you’re building a new home, one of the most exciting parts of the process is choosing the colour palette and fixtures for every room, thinking about what sort of furniture you’ll buy to suit each space, and how you’ll put the finishing touches on each area with soft furnishings. Along with these considerations, one of the most important decisions to make is what sort of flooring you’ll include! Since flooring covers every inch of your home, it’s something that deserves a lot of thought, and we’ve got a quick summary of the numerous options available.


Carpet is best suited to rooms where the everyday foot traffic isn’t as high. Bedrooms, studies, and formal lounge rooms are ideal for including carpet in because of the numerous benefits it provides. Carpet will help retain heat, particularly in smaller spaces, making the rooms stay warmer for longer which is perfect for homes in cooler climates. It also helps muffle sound, so if you’re working hard in your study on the phone, or entertaining with friends in a separate lounge room, the sound will be contained thanks to the thick carpet you’ve included. Carpet also provides a beautifully soft barrier for kids to get comfy on as they play on the floor in their bedrooms, keeping them warm in winter!

Vinyl Planking

Technological advancements in recent years means vinyl plank flooring has come a long way! This type of flooring is an affordable alternative to hardwood and stone flooring, but is able to mimic the look of timber, tile, marble, and distressed hardwood. A huge benefit of choosing vinyl planks for your new home is that they’re incredibly durable, and able to withstand the traffic of kids, pets, high heeled shoes, and all the school bags, sports equipment, and shopping that get dropped on it daily in your open-plan areas! You’ll love the luxe look of vinyl planking, and the range of colours and patterns it comes in, meaning it will coordinate seamlessly with your home’s overall colour palette.


Perfect for homes in warmer climates and wet areas like the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, tiles are a timeless choice for homes that want a chic, polished look that also stays cool. In open-plan areas, tiles will be easy to wipe down and clean, able to withstand the mess of babies and little kids at meal times, muddy pets running through the room, and the inevitable spills and grime from cooking. With so many options available, you’ll be able to choose from a range of styles, from muted monochromes to patterns with pops of colour to ensure your home has a contemporary feel throughout!

Floating Floors

One of the most durable types of flooring, floating floors are made from timber and offer a more traditional look for your new home thanks to their ability to mimic the appearance of stained floorboards. With a number of different style options available, you’ll be able to choose from a one, two, or three plank style to create the look of hardwood floors at a more affordable cost, or multi-strip plank that incorporate styles like Herringbone for an elevated feel. Floating floors suit both open-plan areas as well as bedrooms and separate lounge rooms, so you’ll be able to create a flooring style that flows seamlessly through your home, keeping the spaces effortlessly cohesive.

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