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Selecting a home design can be a challenge for new home builders, especially when there are so many to choose from! While it’s easy to look at a floor plan and think “yes, I like that!”, you should also carefully consider the layout of the design itself and determine if it will suit the needs of you and your family. Here are a few things to think about before selecting your home design.

Home Orientation

Home Design
If you have already selected a block, work with your builder to determine which home designs will best suit your land and begin your search from there. Ideally, main living areas should be north-facing to catch most of the sun during the day, and provide your home with plenty of natural light. Bedrooms should be east-facing, to provide sun in the morning as you wake. If you’re including an alfresco area in your design, ensure it’s best positioned to catch the bulk of afternoon and evening light to maximise the amount of time you can spend outside entertaining.

The Heart of the Home

Home Design
Nowadays, most home designs will feature an open-plan area complete with a kitchen, dining and living area. This space is generally the main hub of the home where your family will spend most of their time. Being such an important part of the house, it’s imperitive to think about where you want this to be located in your home – is it at the back or on the side. You may also like to consider whether you want the dining area to be slightly separated from the living space to create a more formal atmosphere. Also consider whether you want your open-plan area to open directly to an alfresco and how you would like that laid out.


Home Design
Think carefully about the locations of bedrooms. Do you want your rooms to be located in one area of the home? Would you prefer the master bedroom be located away from the remaining bedrooms so you have your own private parents’ retreat? Most importantly, do you prefer to have the master bedroom located at the front of the home? There are benefits to both positions – if you have small children, positioning the master suite close to the children’s rooms works well if there are still night time wake ups. If your kids are heading into their tween and teenage years, this may not be such an important factor and you may like to put a bit of space between their rooms and yours for a little more peace and quiet!


Home Design
Consider how long you plan to live in the home. If it is just a few short years, you can be a little more selfish with your decisions. However, if this is your dream home, think about how your family and your lifestyle will change over the course of 10, 15 or 20 years and ensure the home will still cater to your needs. Once you’ve thought about the above factors, you’ll have a much clearer image of what you need in your new home. This will help narrow down your options, so you can then base your decision on a home you love with the peace of mind knowing it will also cater to your needs!

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