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Child Friendly Decor Tips

A stylish home… or children? Why not both! Your cynical friends might say you may have to choose one or the other. However, at Hotondo Homes, we love a challenge and we truly believe that you can have both. That’s why we’ve come up with some clever and practical child-friendly interior decorating tips for your home. From the fabrics to the fittings and furniture choices, we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

However, we’ve kept in mind that the arrival of a baby doesn’t have to mean that you need to throw away every beloved piece of furniture. By choosing a few staple pieces, you can ensure your baby’s protection as they wander and explore, while maintaining a high level of sleekness in your home.

Use rugs

If you’re particularly concerned about your shiny new floorboards, consider using indoor rugs. Not only are they a fantastic way to add colour to your room but you’ll also be able to maintain pristine floors. Best of all, they will add colour and warmth to a room, as well as help to muffle sound so your interior is functional and stylish at the same time.

Add plants

Instantly add a splash of colour to your living space, kitchen or dining room with some greenery. Not only do they smell incredible but you’ll also be teaching your little ones about responsibility: they’ll watch you water the plants every other day and treat them with respect. It’s a low maintenance way to enhance your home’s interior. Just ensure you do your research so you can purchase indoor plants that are not toxic to kids and pets.

Find the right furniture

Open plan living room
Your best bet when it comes to your tables and furniture is to choose tough yet easy to clean materials, such as timber or melamine. Opt for rounded ends on units and avoid any furniture that is made from sheer glass or metals. When it comes to your colour palette, mid-neutral and matte shades work best. Think dove grey, charcoal, indigo blue or toffee (we probably don’t need to remind you that white will show dirty marks and smudges.)

Choose your fabrics wisely

Tough fabrics, wipeable leather and washable canvas all work well when it comes to creating child-friendly decor. Removable covers that can be thrown into the washing machine are also a godsend. Of course, you can make it more playful by incorporating huge beanbags in faux fur or leather as an alternative to a standard chair.

Accessorise with what you’ve got

Add a bit of spunk to your sofas with high fashion cushions and throws. Keep in mind that your little ones may leave a dirty fingerprint or dribble on them, so don’t spend a small fortune on your plush decorations. If possible, select pillows with covers that can be removed and washed. And, every so often as the seasons change, you can rotate your cushions with pastels, florals or a bold and geometric shape – this will certainly freshen up your room.

Highlight your child’s personality

Kids bedroom with peach accents
Those white walls in your hallway could do with some colour. So, frame their school pictures and artwork along the walls for guests to admire as they pass through. You can also incorporate some colour into your little one’s bedroom with a feature wall, some colourful wall decals that can be removed as they grow older, and some bedding that reflects their favourite colours and patterns.

Work with Hotondo Homes today

We don’t just live and breathe interior design tips – we’re across all aspects of a home, especially the building process. That’s why so many homeowners have trusted us to help create their dream home. We pair you closely with a builder local to you, so you can work together on the land as well as the floor plan to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re awaiting the pitter patter of tiny feet or have a growing family, there’s a home design to match you.

Contact Hotondo Homes today on 1800 677 156 to find a builder local to you who can help you build your child-friendly home.

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