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When we build a new home, we all love the idea of inviting friends and family over to celebrate. However, the idea of hosting a beautifully organised gathering can be quite unnerving, leaving you more tense than excited, with all the excitement of moving in, you may not be fully prepared. That’s why we’ve put together a list of important factors to consider, ensuring you host an amazing house-warming for your new home…

Be Prepared

Before deciding on a date for your house-warming, you need to think about what still needs to be done. Is your house is fully furnished? Will there be enough chairs? Do you need to sift through boxes to find your crockery? Unless you are prepared, you might find yourself regretting your plans!


Your new garden will be the first thing your guests see when they arrive. With this in mind, consider how you want your garden to look and if you will have time to put some plants in. When you move in, leave a good month to at least put down some grass seeds and try to get some grass growing. After all, you want to minimise mud in your front yard, especially when you have guests coming over.



It’s important to think not only about your kids, but also your friends and family’s kids. If they will be attending aim to have something planned to keep them entertained. This could include having an arts and crafts table, a kid’s movie or even some multi-player video games to play. On the other hand, if you would like to have an adults only evening, ask a family member to babysit for the night so you can relax and enjoy your event kid-free.


If you have pets you need to remember that since they are in a new area they need to be watched. The stress of moving house has an effect on our furry family members too! With guests coming in and out of the house, you’ll need to make sure your pets are safe and sound. Be mindful of this and decide whether it’s a smart idea to get someone to babysit your pets for the night or to take appropriate measures to ensure they don’t escape.


Most of your guests are likely to drive to your event. It’s best to warn your neighbours and advise guests of parking amenities. Is there a carpark nearby? It’s best to be on the front foot with your new neighbours.



If you’re not overly familiar with your new appliances, it’s a good idea to test them out before your event. Or alternatively, consider catering so you can relax and not worry about whether your roast chicken has become charcoal chicken!


It’s a small factor to consider but it’s one that can easily be forgotten. Decide whether you will be allowing guests to have their shoes on or off when entering your home. Letting guests in with their shoes on can mean your beautiful new floors soon become a muddy mess, not to mention the nightmare of cleaning up afterwards! It’s best to let them know from the start and have your guests place their shoes at the front door to avoid the issue.

Your house warming is all about having a good time with friends and family, and sharing the pride and joy you feel. Be prepared, plan ahead and you’ll not only have a fun house-warming, but you’ll inspire others with the beautiful features of your new home.


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