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How to create a Christmas home to be proud of

Christmas home

Create a stunning Christmas home this festive season with a few of our top tips. You don’t need to do a lot to create an amazing atmosphere!


Oh Christmas tree!

There are many alternatives to the traditional tree to help you create the perfect look for your Christmas home. We love this tiny Bonsai tree below. If you are looking for seeking something more traditional, try and stick to only one or two coloured decorations to create a theme for your tree. Don’t be afraid to step away from red or green either – pink, lime green and purple are just a few colours that have popped up over the years! Remember, different styled and shaped decorations help add some character to your tree and makes it look less ‘uniform’ and a lot more jolly!
Christmas homeChristmas home


Deck the halls or table!

A centrepiece need not be expensive! A few beautiful candles tied together with a Christmas ribbon can add an instant touch of the festive season to your table. Pinecones are another popular addition. Spray paint them gold, or use them along with your candles to create a larger piece!
Your dining set need not be extensive either. A red tablecloth with matching napkins combined with your regular, neutral dining set, tied in with the centrepiece can make more than enough of an impact in your Christmas home!
Christmas homeChristmas home Christmas home

All I want for Christmas is a beautiful Christmas wreath!

We have two methods to hang your Christmas wreath this season without creating holes from nails in your door.

Command hooks

Command hooks allow you to hang a hook on your door without the risk or ruining the paint job. Simply stick it on the door, and remove once Christmas is over!

Ribbon or string

Thread your ribbon – or light coloured string if you are trying to hide it – through your Christmas wreath and bring it up and over the door, right through to the other side. Adhere in place with tack, and voila, you have a wreath without banging a hole into your front door!

Christmas home


Carols by Christmas Lights!

Finish off your home with some stunning Christmas lights! You don’t need to go as full out as this home, trying lighting the pathway to your door or lining your eaves only with a few lights. First impressions count!

Christmas home

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