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furniture placement

Never underestimate the importance furniture placement can have in a room.

Furniture placement can be as important to interior design as the colour scheme and accessories you choose.

Arranging your furniture correctly can be the difference between having a cramped and unhappy space to an open and flowing room. Help your home reach its full potential by following these guidelines to proper furniture placement.


Determine the purpose and flow of the room. Sketch out a map of how you intend to use the room, and make sure there is enough space to do so. You may find there is not enough space between the couch and the coffee table, or the pathway from the lounge to the kitchen is impeded by an oversized table. Arrange the room for functionality first, and the rest will follow.

The Marcoola 269 offers ample space between the coffee table and the couch, the couch and the kitchen.



Whether it is a painting, fireplace or a window, every room has a focal point. Try not to hide this and instead arrange your furniture around it to draw the eye and make the most of the feature.

The focal point in this living room is the wooden alcove feature and TV. Notice how all the furniture is all arranged around it and nothing impedes the view. In the Jagera 250, it is the rug. The minimalistic coffee table doesn’t detract from the feature and keeps the focus on the pattern of the rug.

furniture placement

furniture placement


Scaling your furniture to other furniture is extremely important. A small coffee table can be consumed by larger couches. It is also important to make sure furniture is an appropriate size for the room. Too small furniture in a large room will make the room seem cold and uninviting, and too large furniture will make the room appear cramped. Be sure you do not have too little or too much furniture for the space you have either. Once again functionality is key, so scaling back the contents of the room to improve the flow is important.

This low table and painting fit perfectly into the alcove and are well-proportionate to one another. If the painting were any smaller, it would appear unbalanced.

furniture placement


Visually it is more appealing to have furniture of differing heights. This can come down to balance, so if you have a tall, slim piece, try placing it next to a shorter and longer piece.

These rooms are great examples of using different sized furniture. They look fuller and more balanced.


furniture placement


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