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Hamptons coastal style

When you think about the Hamptons, you think about the beach, soft white sand, stretches of coastline for miles and miles, and those iconic white picket fences. The other iconic thing that comes to mind is that classic Hamptons house style. It’s a style that is synonymous with large, oversized rooms, and high, vaulted ceilings, and maybe even a loft space or two! The colour palette is neutral and understated, and the soft furnishings are plush and full of inviting texture. While it’s a style that seems effortless, we have some tips and tricks you can use to incorporate this iconic style into your own home.

Neutral colour palette

Hamptons neutral colour scheme
The Hamptons style is full of light, white tones. Whites, ivories, and off-white shades will make your rooms seem larger and brighter than they really are. Using white or beige couches, rugs, and light-coloured floorboards will add an element of size and space. Keep the walls neutral with white, off-white, or even very pale greys and taupes to continue the feeling of space and brightness. Incorporating tongue-and-groove style panelling on the walls in a neutral shade adds to the beachy feel of entrances and makes the house feel relaxed. On the exterior of your home, consider using chalky whites on the doors, eaves and window frames, and offsetting it with pale grey or ecru on the render or weatherboards. If you have a porch at the front or back, match the balustrades and framework to the eaves and windows to keep that beachfront feel consistent.

Adding touches of colour

Hamptons touches of colour
If you’re worried your home will become too neutral, never fear! One of the great things about the Hamptons style are the soft touches of colour scattered throughout the house – think warm blues that echo the ocean, or pale greens and yellows that take inspiration from the grassy dunes and soft sand. Soft furnishings like cushions, blankets, vases, and lamps are all ideal for gently incorporating colour accents to break up the white space, while still keeping rooms neutral and inviting.

In the kitchen

Hamptons kitchen
Best suited to large kitchens, the Hamptons style is defined by traditional, simple Shaker-style cabinetry that can be adorned with industrial brass or silver handles to add detail and elegance. Backsplash areas should use tile or marble to continue the traditional décor feel, in keeping with the warm and timeless style, Subway tiles are a perfect choice, and selecting a pale neutral shade rather than white will give your kitchen depth in an area that might otherwise be overlooked. Including a breakfast bar with a row of timber barstools will complement the aesthetic and soften the bright whites.

Furniture style

Hamptons furniture
Even if your rooms aren’t oversized in true Hamptons style, you can still give the illusion of space with neutral pieces. Couches and armchairs that are cosy and inviting in shades of white and beige will evoke a beachy feel, and if you have open-plan living areas these tones will create a seamless flow from space to space. To soften the neutral palette, include coffee and end tables that have warm, weathered timber elements to them, while still retaining an unobtrusive colour tone.

Accessories styling

Hamptons accessories
Accessories such as woven baskets to heap blankets in, and cane serving trays with magazines neatly stacked in them keep the spaces feeling comfortable and effortlessly elegant. In entry ways, adding rustic benches to keep sandals under and wall hooks to hang sunhats and towels on will emphasise the relaxed, coastal feel of your home. Statement mirrors and pendant lights can be used to fill spaces with pieces that draw the eye in and up – try using silver, brass, and black metal to add structure amongst the soft furnishings.

Are you a fan of this iconic Hamptons style? We’d love to know what your favourite feature is – the cosy furniture, the neutral colours, the rustic accessories? Let us know! For more home styling ideas, head to the Hotondo Homes website to get some inspiration.

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