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How to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room

One of the most important elements in interior design is a focal point or statement piece. When done correctly, it’s the first place your eyes should land on when entering a room. This is because it’s the point that you begin with and build around when you design the rest of your space. 

Mastering how to create a focal point in your living room can make a huge difference in your home. Here, we list 6 simple ways to create a focal point in your living room.

1. A piece of art

A statement piece, like framed artwork or a mirror, has the power to carry a room by itself. Keep in mind that the piece you choose should be large enough for the wall you’re mounting it on, but also stands out without clashing with the rest of the decor. It should be placed at eye level and if possible, add accent lighting to highlight the piece prominently.

2. A feature wall

An accent wall is always a classic and easy way to create a focal point in any room. There are a few tricks to ensure you’ve got the right balance: typically, pick a wall that is the furthest distance from the entrance point into the room. You can use a paint colour that contrasts the rest of the space or choose patterned wallpaper to draw attention to the feature wall. Take it up a notch by cladding the wall with different material, such as stone or timber. Avoid making each wall in the room a feature as the space will feel too busy.

3. A fireplace

If your home design includes a fireplace, it can make an attractive focal point. Naturally, one’s eyes will be drawn to a fireplace in a room but you can enhance it by painting the wall it’s installed in a statement colour or adding cladding in a natural material. Adding a mantle with a few decorative items will create a welcoming space around it. A well-positioned plant won’t go astray either.

 4. A piece of furniture

Add interest to your space with a large statement piece, such as an armchair or even an ottoman. By choosing it in a colour that stands out, it will demand attention and draw all eyes to the piece. Ensure the furniture doesn’t look out of place by choosing a colour and texture that coordinates well with the rest of the room’s decor to create a cohesive look

5. The outside view

Does your home have sweeping bay windows with a gorgeous view? Use it to your advantage. Naturally, visitors’ eyes will be drawn to what’s beyond the window, regardless of what else is in the room, but you can enhance it by framing the windows with some luxe curtains that won’t obscure the view. 

6. A bookshelf

Display your collection of books or sentimental pieces in an open bookshelf in your living room. Not only will the shelves make the space feel open but it can also be a great conversation starter as visitors pore over your titles. Keep in mind that when you’re arranging the items on your shelves, don’t overcrowd the space. If you don’t have the space or need for a large bookcase, you may want to consider floating shelves. That way, you can style the space with artwork, vases and books.

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