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Winter style

Daylight Saving time is finished, the nights are getting darker much earlier, and the temperatures are dropping. It’s tempting to snuggle up under the doona with a good book and hibernate until Spring, but sadly that’s not possible! Instead of lamenting the doom and gloom of Winter coming in just a few weeks, it’s a great time to refocus your energy on injecting a Winter style aesthetic into the home. If you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing home, taking note of these style tips can help create spaces that invite you to get cosy during the colder months!

Fireplaces & Gas Heaters

Winter style

Including a fireplace or gas log heater as a focal point to gather around and get cosy in front of is going to instantly give any space that perfect Winter style. Designing a lounge, dining, or rumpus room so that couches, armchairs, and dining tables can be arranged around and in front of it will maximise the heat it emits. It also provides a beautiful setting for entertaining guests, and nights at home with the family. Installing a double-sided fireplace may also be beneficial with two rooms retaining the heat, as well as serving as a great design feature. You and your family will love the look as you go from room to room and still enjoy the warmth and atmosphere it gives your home. Designing your fireplace’s feature wall to include stone work, exposed brick, or wood panelling will also create an earthy, rustic vibe that will add to the Winter feel of the space, particularly when the fire is crackling and you’re snuggled up on the couch with a blanket. It’s also worth investing in an outdoor fireplace in your alfresco area, ensuring you can use the space all year long!

Feature Walls

Winter style

As with a fireplace feature wall, incorporating another feature wall in a well-used room like a lounge or rumpus room that has exposed brick or wood panelling will enhance the Winter cabin-like feel in the cooler months. A key design trend for 2018, using materials that echo the feel of the outdoors helps emulate a down-to-earth feel inside the home, and makes a room instantly feel warmer and softer. Consider mounting your television on wood panelling to create a soft focal point in the room, or include exposed brick in the dining room to create a relaxed, warm feeling as soon as guests enter the room. These touches, while part of the overall design of your home, will subtly help create spaces that are comfortable and full of warmth and Winter style.


Winter style

If including earthy materials isn’t your thing, you can still create a feeling of warm Winter style throughout your home by using deep, rich colour on the walls. Painting your bedroom a beautiful, rich shade of blue will not only provide you with a sense of calm whenever you enter the room, but will create a cosy feeling white walls do not. Adding an upholstered bedhead, and some richly textured bedding will complete the snug look. Adding curtains to your windows instead of blinds will add to the room’s feeling of rich luxury and warmth in Winter. You can also utilise colour in common areas, like entryways and lounge rooms, again by choosing deep, rich hues that envelope the space in warmth. Deep greens in a rumpus room paired with neutral couches, or a statement terracotta orange in the kitchen will make the room seem brighter and warmer when the sun shines in during Winter, and when evening sets in, make the space feel relaxed and homey.

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