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Many new homes being built now are cleverly designed to include either a study nook or a separate study, which is a helpful addition to any home. Having a separate area to manage household bills and administration, or an area where the kids can complete their homework is an invaluable use of space. If your job allows for working from home, it also means you have a dedicated space away from the main living zones to focus on work as well as keeping all your paperwork and tech equipment out of sight. We’ve rounded up a few tip and tricks to help you design the perfect study space in your new home!


Having a study space that is functional first and foremost is key. Designing a space that will allow you to keep everything organised will enable you to keep the room tidy and in turn, escape distractions and focus on the work that needs to be done. The first thing to focus on is the furniture required, which will depend on the type of work you do. Generally most people will need a desk, shelving, and a bookcase, but you may also like to consider whether you should include pieces such as under desk filing cabinets, larger flat work surfaces, or desks that can comfortably house multiple computer screens, printers, or scanners. Once you’ve determined which essential items you’ll need, choose furniture that’s sleek, understated and calming. Study furniture should adhere to the idea of functionality first, style second to keep your attention focused on the tasks at hand while you’re in there.

While a study nook has a limited amount of space to work with, you can still create a space that’s organised and free from distraction for your family to use. Including a built-in desk running the span of the wall will create more space, allowing multiple family members to work there simultaneously, and installing overhead, floating cabinetry adds another functional storage space without taking up valuable floorspace.


Having functional furniture doesn’t mean the room has to be bland and uninviting! You can still create a space that reflects your personality and complements the overall style of your home. If you have a study nook, keeping the paint colour of the wall the same as the space it sits in, or a complementary colour will help it blend seamlessly in with the rest of the area. Including furniture in the study nook that leans toward a neutral colour palette such as white, grey, or beige will add to the subtle feel of the space, and a few perfectly placed accessories and artwork can personalise the space so that it doesn’t feel too office-like, particularly if kids will be using the area.

A separate office allows for much more of a style statement. If you want to create a bright, happy space that will suit the whole family, have your builder include large windows to let in a lot of natural light. Include white furniture with touches of colourful artwork and desk accessories, and choose a brightly coloured floor rug to create a vibrant atmosphere. If your work involves clients visiting your home office, you may choose to style it in a more chic, timeless way. Keep the walls neutral and choose furniture that’s classic. Lots of dark wood and cabinetry, accent lamps, and bookshelves with carefully selected pieces will set a more formal tone, perfect for welcoming visitors. If your space allows for larger pieces of furniture, you may like to incorporate a leather couch or armchairs so there’s an informal area to hold meetings.

Studies and study nooks are an invaluable space in new homes, providing a space for work, household administration, allowing you to keep your work space and your everyday living spaces separate. Designing a study that’s functional with touches of personal style create a space that you relish working in, while still keeping your attention focused. For more home ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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