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The benefits of INDUCTION cooking

Commonly used in European restaurants and homes, INDUCTION cooking is known for convenience, flexibility and safety.  According to experts, it accomplishes the task of sautéing, simmering and frying faster, safer and with less energy than that of its electric and gas counterparts.
With so many new home builders fitting their homes with INDUCTION cooktops, we wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  Shriro’s Victorian Sales Manager and resident INDUCTION go-to-girl, Carolyn Hannaford weighs in on the benefits of INDUCTION technology.


black-and-white-close-view-of-inductionHow do INDUCTION cooktops work?

“INDUCTION works through the transfer of magnetic energy to generate heat.  By using ferrous cookware the stovetop reacts to the connection, causing ‘induced’ currents.  The heat is then distributed evenly on the base of the pan, which allows food to cook evenly and efficiently.  To see if your current cookware can work with INDUCTION, simply place a magnet on the bottom, if it sticks it’s INDUCTION ready.”

How safe is INDUCTION in comparison to other cooktops?

“INDUCTION cooktops are the only form of cooking that does not require a heat source from a flame or from an element.  This makes it extremely safe as the only surface that is getting hot is the pot itself.  When you remove your pot from the cooking surface, there is minimal residual heat left and the cooktop immediately goes into standby mode, which means that it’s not drawing any additional power.  No heat is generated without the magnetic connection from the compatible cookware.  This makes INDUCTION the safest cooktop on the market.”

How energy efficient is INDUCTION technology?

“INDUCTION cooktops are more energy efficient than gas or traditional electric cooktops.  The heat is only distributed when a magnetic field is created, and the heat that is generated is proportional to the size of the pan.  Because it’s so quick and efficient you are spending less time at the cooktop.  When we compared INDUCTION to gas and electric cooktops; gas is 50% efficient, electric is 65% efficient, whilst INDUCTION is 95% energy efficient!” READ: What is a Smart Home?

Are INDUCTION stovetops easy to clean?

“Because there is no heat generated under the glass, if there is a spill it generally doesn’t bake onto the glass surface.  If by chance you do have a spill, simply lift the pot and wipe it away with a damp cloth.  There is no additional components, like trivets or burners that require additional care.  It’s as simple as using a warm soapy cloth to maintain its appearance.”

How much do INDUCTION cooktops cost?

“The initial cost of purchasing an INDUCTION cooktop may be slightly higher than the traditional cooktops we’ve all grown up with, however the investment you make will serve you and your family for years to come.”

Things to consider before switching the heat…

“You may need to consider power connections.  Most induction cooktops generally require a connection to a higher power supply.  There also may be some cookware in your cupboards that won’t work.  Make sure you do the INDUCTION test to see if your aluminium, copper, glass and earthen ware are INDUCTION compatible.”


To see if your current cookware can work with INDUCTION, simply place a magnet on the bottom and if it sticks it’s INDUCTION ready!


Omega INDUCTION stovetop



Carolyn Hannaford is the State Commercial Sales Manager at Shriro for brands, Blanco, Omega and Everdure.  To view their complete range visit their website: shriro.com.au

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